About Us

Next Step Connections is Asia’s premier boutique experiential learning organisation.

We have offered real-world learning experiences across Asia for students and universities since 2008.

Our educational experiences are designed to provide all students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. 

From pioneering internships in Shanghai to introducing virtual internships to the global market in 2017, our journey reflects a commitment to addressing evolving learner needs.

We earned recognition as a top 5 innovative internship program by GoAbroad.com in 2017, a testament to our dedication to impactful learning experiences.

Rooted in Asia but global in reach, we align the depth and nuances of local cultures with the needs of our global clients to create effective, affordable and meaningful learning possibilities and outcomes for all.

Our Mission

To connect the next generation of leaders to personalized learning experiences across Asia, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To create impactful learning experiences in Asia accessible to all

Our Values

Our actions are rooted by these guiding principles


Our Impact

We have worked with over 5000 students worldwide.

We have made a part of our mission to support soil regeneration, people’s wellbeing and help children escape from crisis through program donations and awareness.

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Meet Our Team

Next Step Connections is led by multicultural, entrepreneurial and dedicated experiential learning specialists from France, United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Thailand and Japan. We are united by shared values and a strong passion to positively impact the next generation.

Jérôme Le Carrou

Founder & Executive Director

A native of France, Jerome founded Next Step Connections at 25 in 2008 in China, inspired by his own personal journey as an intern in Shanghai in 2006. He also serves as Asia coordinator for Association Progrès du Management (APM), a leading organization for French-speaking CEOs’ focusing on leadership development. Jerome holds a B.A in Languages, Literature, and Foreign Civilizations from Utah State University. He furthered his education with Executive Education in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. He pioneered virtual internships in 2016. His impactful work earned him recognition among the ASEAN Network’s 30 influential leaders in Asia. Since 2012, he has embraced Yoga and Meditation as a way of life, regularly embarking on Himalayan mountain expeditions driven by his passion for blending education, technology, and consciousness.

Aaron J. Clark (P.A)

Regional Director of Operations

An international education professional with a career spanning 15 years abroad designing and managing academic experiential learning programs for three of the world’s premier international education organizations has prepared Aaron (affectionately referred to as P.A by students) for his role as Next Step Connections Regional Director in Asia.

A native of the USA, Aaron received a B.A from the University of Hawaii Manoa in Asian Studies, specializing in Southeast Asian Studies. I spent over 4 years abroad at Mahidol University, in Thailand during both his undergraduate and graduate studies. This firsthand experience offers insight and understanding of the student experience, the process, challenges and benefits of studied abroad, especially Thailand.

He is passionate about international education and immersing students in the local culture.

Asking him what the most gratifying part of his career has been he said it is the opportunity to develop experiential learning programs that promote in others the same love and appreciation for Asia, that he feels in his own heart.

Samantha Malang

Operational Manager & Business efficiency

With a strong suit in process efficiency strategy, Sam is an adept Operational Manager,
Business Facilitator, and Integrator. Boasting ten years of experience, she’s resolute in her
personal mission to elevate and innovate business systems and processes. Hailing from the
Philippines, Sam’s passion-driven nature harmonizes seamlessly with Next Step
Connections’ values and ambitions. Her contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the
company’s spiritual framework and operational implementation.

Sarah Ramos

Program Team

I’m Sarah Ramos, an education graduate with a strong background poised to contribute to the Program Team. Specialized in optimizing processes, streamlining procedures, and crafting unique educational experiences that smoothly blend innovation and inspiration. My passion lies in uncovering creative methods to support and educate others, driving positive impact and growth.

Ria Lestari

Admission Team

Hi, I’m Ria from the Admissions Team based in Indonesia. With a solid foundation built over 10 years in hospitality and virtual assistance, I bring versatile skills in customer relations, multitasking, and remote support. I utilise this expertise to manage student admissions and create connections with Asian companies for internship opportunities.

Jihan Davincka

Admissions Team

Hi, I’m Jihan, an IT professional with a background in project management, business analysis, and data analytics. Graduated in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia.

As part of the admissions team, I handle student inquiries and admissions for our remote and in-person internship programs. I also reach out to companies across Asia to secure internship vacancies. I’m passionate about connecting talented students with valuable internship opportunities, contributing to their professional growth.

Abha Jaiswal

Resident Director India

Abha is an experienced learning specialist skilled in managing the complete learning cycle including identifying learning needs, planning and executing experiential programs, identifying and managing learning partners, managing budget. She is also a skilled student mentor and advisor. Abha has organised numerous internships and study tours in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kerala.

Hallie Bradley

Resident Director South Korea

Hallie hails from the United States and guides students in the country she has called home for a decade. She have been featured on CNN, the BBC and the Samantha Brown show as an expert on trends in Seoul and travel in Korea. She started The Soul of Seoul a site to promote travel and culture in Seoul and Korea.

She has written for Forbes Travel Guide, The Korea Times and Groove Magazine. She promotes travel through an optimistic lens and shares off the beaten path places and hot spots that locals and travelers need to see in Seoul.

Jacky Mo

Resident Director

Jacky graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign with a degree in Recreation, Sport and Tourism. He speaks fluent English, Cantonese, Mandarin and basic Spanish.

Vincent Tan

Resident Director Singapore

Vincent Tan, a Singapore-based tourist guide, has not only taken the baton from his father but also forged a unique path of his own. He is dedicated to his calling and passionate about his chosen mission: people. He works with our team as a local guide and resident coordinator in Singapore, but his qualities and responsibilities extend far beyond that of your standard tour guide. He guides students on site but also on their individual experiences abroad, thus serving both as a mentor and as a guide for life-changing experiences.

With over a decade of experience in tourism, Vincent is a real people person who treats everyone like his family, and really takes care of them.

Howa Huang

Resident Coordinator

As program manager, the scope of Howa’s duties includes internship placement, online marketing, as well as event management. He has a knack for problem solving and communication.

Howa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and has worked in the hospitality sector at both Four Seasons Hotel as well as the Ritz-Carlton. From his past experience, he can anticipate and fulfill guests and this will be also be helpful in understanding interns potential requests.

Howa is good at creating a comfortable environment for interns. He believes a feeling of being at home is benefit to interns’ internship!

Floriensa Wiyono Daryanto

Resident Director

Having a 10+ years experience interning and working professional in Indonesia, New Zealand, China, and Hong Kong, in various industries such as education, consulting, retail, and FMCG makes me realise how amazing an international internship can lead to multiple job offers overseas. This aspire me to help students and young professionals to be able to develop their career and be standout from the peers.

In 2017, I was awarded as one of the inspirational alumni from Petra Christian University as The Fighting Dreamers and Best Achievers. In addition, I also won the scholarship award from Mandiri Bank and Petra Christian University as the University representative for international program.


At Next Step Connections, our foundation is built upon stories of growth and transformation. It all started with Jérôme Le Carrou, a fresh graduate from France. In 2008, at just 25 years old, he created Next Step Connections in Shanghai, China. Inspired by his own life-changing internship experience at Shanghai Talk magazine, that led him to co-create the Foreign Culture Club in Shanghai. He recognized the need to help global youth grow in a similar way.

Jérôme’s own journey, sparked by that internship, ignited a vision to guide students in taking their next steps, not only in their careers but in life as well. The goal was clear: connect students with meaningful internships, develop their skills, enhance their employability, and uncover their hidden potential, particularly in growing economies like China.

This spirit of empowerment is echoed in Monika Lutz’s book ‘Now What,’ where she shares how her Next Step Connections’ gap year experience propelled her into Harvard.

Since our founding, more than 5,000 students have embarked on their own Next Step Connections journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We’re not just hiring; we’re curating a team based on our values of openness, integrity, responsibility, and balance. Write to contact@nextstepconnections.com to introduce yourself and we will take it from there.

Our leadership team brings together 30 years of combined experience in the field of international education. We select our resident directors and coordinators based on their expertise, dedication, and strong commitment to delivering ongoing support and top-notch programs.


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