Capstone Projects

NSC Capstone is a unique learning program that will enable students to use their learned course theories and apply them to real projects. Students will work on mini projects pre-departure at their home universities and present their findings directly with project host companies during their stay at destination country. Each Capstone is uniquely designed to achieve specific learning outcomes and can be tailored to meet any curriculum requirements.

How it Works

Pre-Departure: Virtual Project Assignment, Collaboration, and Mentorship

  1. Each project group will be responsible for the completion of a real project for a company to be visited at destination country
  2. Students are given access to a dedicated channel on NSC’s Virtual Internship Platform:
    1. access to dedicated mini projects and sign up channel
    2. collaboration with training modules
    3. communication channel with project leaders and mentors
  3. Mini projects are completed before departure at home universities

Destination Country: Company visits with Mini Project Presentations and Assessment

  1. Students will participate in company visits where one group will deliver their proposed solution to their project assignment while company project leaders and other students will be able to ask questions, put forward ideas, and feedback
  2. Students will benefit from:
    1. professional network development
    2. virtual workplace mentoring
    3. chance to test skills and knowledge
    4. future student mobility
    5. authentic interactions and engagement

Return to University 

  1. Assessment on min project and things learned on Virtual Internship Platform
  2. Capstone Projects serve as a generator of new ideas and innovations directly from students’ authentic experiences
Sample Capstone Projects
  • Market Research/ Market Entry studies and proposals
  • Bamboo Bike feasibility study
  • Sustainability plan for large manufacturing plant