Aravinda Ram NEXSTEP Botho University

“Learners of today cannot hope for just an academic qualification to offer them all their career goals on a platter,” says Aravinda Ram on Botho University’s partnership with NEXSTEP

NEXSTEP provides experiential learning programs throughout Asia, believing that time spent on the ground immersed in new surroundings is the best way to change a young person's life. Students participating in NEXSTEP's programs – from all over the world –…

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Wren Zegans

“I was actually contributing to the company in some concrete ways,” explains NEXSTEP alumni, Wren Zegans

At NEXSTEP, we prioritize experiential learning throughout Asia to prepare our younger generation for the future world. Through study abroad programs, internships, study tours, and learning expeditions, we focus on immersion so that students can get the most possible out…

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