Custom Internship Program Abroad

NEXSTEP can work with your institution to build a custom group option. The minimum period of internship is 4 weeks and the maximum is 24 weeks.

This custom internship program will target your undergraduates or graduates in a specific academic discipline or across a broad range of majors. Our team can create a program to meet the specific academic, residential and cultural needs of the internship participant.

Options of support we provide for the needs of the participants
  • Internship Program Abroad placement, supporting services
  • internship supervisor and 24/7 on the ground support
  • Welcome Meals, orientation & classroom sessions
  • Airport Transfers
  • Cultural & Professional Events
  • Visa Support
  • Comprehensive travel and medical insurance
  • Housing (For duration of program)
  • Weekend Excursion
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Language Lessons
  • Additional Weekend Excursion
Academic credit For Internship Program Abroad

Directly with College/University: Each institution holds individual policies regarding credit for Internship Program Abroad. Credit can be awarded through the registrar, education abroad, experiential education, career services, or even an academic department. Options vary  so we are happy to discuss the best solutions for your institution.

  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Spain
  • Chile
  • Kenya
  • Australia
  • UK
Majors/Career fields