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You like to be a teacher? You’d like to know how to be a teacher in China? What kind of career opportunities you can have in China?

In an effort to promote internationalism, China is learning English. In the next five years, all state employees younger than 40 will be required to master at least 1,000 English phrases, and all schools will begin teaching English in kindergarten. The government also is funding extensive teacher training programs to find new models for language learning and develop new textbooks.

Education System in China
Teacher education is an important part of Chinese socialist education system. In the last 50 years’ of development since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the governments at different levels have given priorities and great cares to teacher education. China has established on the whole a teacher education system that meets the needs of basic education of different types and at different levels. This system fits the specific Chinese situation and consists of independent teacher training institutions as the principle parts supplemented by other educational organizations. Teachers in China are educated in one of three types of schools:

  • Pre-school and primary positions
  • Normal colleges
  • Normal high schools

teacher on the boardEnglish Education
There is a need to learn English and many teaching opportunities in China because of the growth of English as a global second language. China has become a rapidly growing player in the global economy, so manufacturers and business people have a real need to learn English for business purposes. As the world’s largest economy strives to enter the English speaking world, a demand for English language teachers is bound to increase. China is rapidly entering the global economy with businesses and manufacturers in real need to master the language and conduct business efficiently. This results in high demand for English language teachers and creates ample teaching English jobs in china. To be a teacher in China, you will need to be a native English speaker and to have your High School Diploma and Global TESOL College Certificate or TEFL. You can teach in a Chinese school or in an organization like English First, Disney English or Wall Street English who provide English Language instruction to adults and corporate clients.

Main Qualities

  • Competent

A good language teacher must be competent. This requires a lot of study on the part of the teacher. If you are a foreign language teacher, you must have mastered the language you are teaching and the skills it takes to teach that language.

  • Exploratory

A good language teacher realizes there are several different learning methods. Some learn by hearing, some by seeing and some by speaking. A good teacher is also willing to explore the different ways of teaching language, even the experimental ones, to provide her students with the best chance to learn.

  • Passion

People do not teach for money or fame. People teach because they have a passion for their chosen subject and for passing on their knowledge to students.

  • Assessment

A good language teacher is not only skilled at creating assessments for her class, but she can also use those assessments to figure out how successful her teaching methods are.

  • Benefits

A good language teacher is going to be a benefit to her students because she will provide them with a path to knowledge. A teacher who is good at her job will guide a student toward the most comprehensive understanding of which he or she is capable.


Recruitment and Compensation
Teacher recruitment is not standardized in China. While it is a competitive job in urban areas, rural areas often must employ “supply teachers,” or teachers who are primarily substitutes, in their local schools. The average English teacher salary in China working for a leading language school is very competitive and allows for a comfortable lifestyle. For the jobs we are now interviewing for, the monthly salary is anything between 6,000 – 16,000 RMB (1,000 – 2,500 US dollars) per month. The exact amount is determined by which school you work for, the city you are based in and the number of years of previous teaching experience.

Salary education foreigners Chinese Teachers
Teacher recruitment is not standardized in China. While it is a competitive job in urban areas, rural areas often must employ “supply teachers,” or teachers who are primarily substitutes, in their local schools. These teachers are not held to the same training and certification standards as teachers in wealthier and more populated parts of China. Many rural teachers seek jobs in cities, where the standard of living is higher and the certificates made them qualified for good jobs. This led to the shortage of teachers in rural areas, a problem that persists today. Teacher compensation varies widely across China. In rural community schools, teachers are sometimes not even on the public payroll and thus their salaries are subject to local fundraising.

Career Ladders & Business Development
Most language schools will offer a 10% increase in the English teacher salary for those signing for a second year teaching, there are also plenty of opportunities for earning more with larger language schools as senior teacher and Director of Studies for those looking to develop their teaching careers. There are although many opportunities for professional development in Chinese schools, and the emphasis on teacher evaluation means that teachers are constantly working to improve their practice.

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