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We have been providing exceptional and affordable customized in-person internship programs and faculty-led programs in Asia for global colleges and institutions since 2008 and pioneering remote internships since 2017. 

  • Highly flexible in meeting needs of our partners
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  • Responsive to participants and partners
  • Very competitive program pricing 

In this changing world, choose NEXSTEP to design and support your needs for Next Generation experiential learning programs in Asia.

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Asia leads the world in the new global workplace. Even before Covid, digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way we work.

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Holistic approach to ensure your students are supported through every step of the process.

Faculty-directed Programs & Study Tours

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Transcript w/School of Record

Opportunity to include a 3-credit  transcript from the University of Montana

Hear From Our Alumni

Check out what our amazing alumni have to say about their experiences with us either Intership & study-abroad

Alex Wilkerson

It Started in the Fourth
Alex kept up with his language studies on his own, but it was at Rhodes College where he started taking formal Chinese classes again. It was also at college where he decided to continue his travels and do both an Internship & study-abroad semester with Next Step Connections in Beijing.

Tristine Lam

Why Is That Necessary?
Tristine was interested in seeing the world and learn from the experience of being in a new country and a new environment. She was convinced it would be more engaging and captivating that simply staying in the suburbs of the United States.
Her first foray overseas was a study abroad program at Thammasat University in Bangkok. She loved the experience so much that she missed it when she returned to Austin for her next semester. She came back as soon as she could to do an internship at Medical Departures via Next Step Connections.

Alex Dye

A Special Kind of Irony
Alex was easily the youngest person on the program, but she thrived as always…she actually did two internships while she was in Shanghai.  The impact on her life continues to this day…as she has traveled back to Shanghai seven times since she left.  She is also strongly considering working in Asia after she graduates.  Somebody should hire her…

Yong Wang

I Am a Texan Too
Yong Wang was born and raised in Shanghai.  While he was an undergraduate student at Donghua University, Yong interned at Next Step Connections in Shanghai and helped the firm with all manner of responsibilities.
It was great exposure for him to foreign students and the types of issues they encountered living and working in a foreign country.  It was also a useful introduction to a non-Chinese work environment…all of this came in handy when Yong decided to get his Master of Science at Southampton University in the UK.


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