Global Diversity in a Professional Internship Program

Global Diversity

As the global economy stands on shaky ground, competitions also tighten. While a regular internship used to be enough to get your foot in the door, an internship abroad can definitely be one of the contributing factors that will catapult you to the front of the line when it comes to job hunting. However, due to rapid market globalization, there rises a need for young professionals to couple this experience with a supporting set of excellent social skills, as well as a sense of knowledge and respect for people of other cultures and backgrounds.

Participating in an internship program with Next Step Connections exposes students to both. Over the past year, in addition to successfully placing a number of interns from various backgrounds and industries into some of China’s established companies, Next Step Connections has also welcomed applicants from a diverse list of countries such as the US, Ghana, Finland, Peru, Sudan, Ireland, Singapore, Greece, Iran and Spain, among many others. Through a number of networking and social events organized by NSC, our participants have had the opportunities to build lifelong friendships with their fellow interns, learning about each others’ values and traditions, while gaining a deeper insight into the culture of China.

Alumni of NSC’s program gain a keen sense of foreign culture at the end of their internship period. A young professional with a broad knowledge in foreign customs will be able to communicate their ideas better and maintain closer relationships with foreign clients, as well as adapt more easily during business travels, definitely a valuable advantage in today’s corporate world.

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