Engineering Internships

The mechanisms of all of the tools we rely on are the product of engineering efforts. By designing solutions to life’s problems, engineers work to make our lives easier and more productive. There are eight types of engineering industries: biomedical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, aerospace, environmental, and software. Regularly ranking among the highest paying jobs, an engineering position fulfilling and worth the work.

As technology continues to expand, engineering is a sector that both drives that change and reacts to it. Some recent trends in engineering have been the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, 3D manufacturing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The role of tech in all fields of engineering cannot be overstated in the 21st century.

We at NEXSTEP are here to set you on the path that fits your needs and interests with a guaranteed internship in engineering. With so much diversity in this sector, we work with a network of partner companies in different engineering disciplines.

NEXSTEP has arranged engineering internships for students from around the world. In the past, they were able to:

  • Learn how to design and implement structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes;
  • Analyze and develop automotive engineering, mobile phones, semi-conductors, online gaming, wireless telecommunication, video and imaging, security, automation control, medical, transportation, aviation, aerospace, and environment monitoring;
  • Work closely to support project engineering teams to create test plans to ensure the completion of projects for launch;
  • Assist project engineers in monitoring the progress of projects and preparing technical documentation;
  • Attend site visits to appreciate actual construction work in practice.

Learn about the direction of new technology by working with control systems and developing software. Or come up with solutions to environmental problems by improving infrastructure and public health systems. In past years, our students have [include examples here].

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University of Queensland

“I learnt how to use the Solidwork software. I got a lof of knowledge of transformer and material properties”

Engineering Industry | 8 weeks |


Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.