Film & Entertainment Internships

Agent, manager, actor, writer, cinematographer, stage artists, makeup artists and more – the world of film is extensive. A well-revered industry where experts make high profits whilst collaborating on projects of passion. Asia is one of the leading film continents of the world, with India listed as the number one biggest film industry, producing 1,274 feature films in a year in 2010. This was forward by China in third place, producing 754 films in a year and Japan in fourth place, producing 408.

Needless to say, as one of the most idolised industries in the world, there is extensive competition in the film industry. At NEXSTEP, we help place you gain the experience that you need; to prepare you for the highly competitive and demanding field.

Participating in the film industry means a high level of involvement, requiring skills of coordination, organisation and initiative.

During the entertainment and films internships, NEXSTEP has helped facilitate for students worldwide; some of the day-to-day tasks they have participated in include:

  • Helping to coordinate and attend meetings and events;
  • Providing general admin support to the artistic department;
  • Providing support to technical directors;
  • Getting involved in marketing;
  • feel free to add more, but here are some ideas!

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University Pierre and Marie CURIE – Sciences and Medicine

“The time I spent in Asia was great. Excellent internship, had good moments in the city and overall, I’ve made some good friends.”

Film Industry | 16 weeks |


Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.