Fashion Internships

Everything you wear has been influenced by the fashion world. However, unlike other creative industries, fashion can be worn as a mode of self-expression. We all need to wear clothes, but what we choose to wear can be an indicator of our identity.

Today, fashion is a crucial value-creating industry for the world economy. Right now, the largest apparel retail markets in the world are the United States and China . And in fact, China is the largest exporter of clothing in the world!

As consumers’ wants and needs change, so does the fashion industry. For example, as modern shoppers become more climate-conscious, second-hand and recycled garments  have become mainstream. The dangers around fast fashion are also being spoken about more than ever before, affecting how clothing is made and marketed.

To give you a leg up in the fashion industry, NEXSTEP will find you an internship that provides you with relevant experience and hands-on learning opportunities.

Through our fashion internships, NEXSTEP has been able to help students all over the world. Previously, students have found themselves:

  • Meeting clients;
  • Getting constructive feedback on designs;
  • Attending exclusive fashion events;
  • Reviewing inventory and learning the ins and outs of consumer demand;
  • Maintaining brand image by handling media inquiries and planning events;
  • Contributing to marketing campaigns.

Create outfits and learn how to work with brands and products to construct looks for runways, photoshoots, and events by working alongside a stylist. Or get a comprehensive look at the entire garment manufacturing process from beginning to end alongside a production manager. In the past, our students have [insert examples here].

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University of Memphis.

“My fashion internship was all I could ask for.”

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Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.