Finance and Accounting Internships

Money does, indeed, make the world go round. And so many companies, institutions, and organizations work in tandem to ensure the well-being of the global financial system. In the world of finance and accounting, there are various career paths to choose from that fall within the branches of personal, consumer, and corporate finance.

In fact, by 2025, the digital financial services market is expected to reach US$38 billion  and account for 11% of total financial service revenue.

In the digital age, the accounting and finance sectors are embracing technological advancement at a breakneck speed. As individuals, companies, and governments alike become more attuned to the digital world, their finances need to be available through it. Integrating technology like cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence into the industry is upending the way this industry operates altogether.

At NEXSTEP, we can guarantee you an internship placement in accounting and finance to help you establish your future career path.

NEXSTEP helps students from all over the world gain exceptional experiences. Students pursuing accounting and finance might expect  to:

  • Lead the execution of port-industrial zone projects as well as research, analysis, and target identification for several industries in India;
  • Conduct due diligence on US solar companies;
  • Screen private equity and venture capital firms in India for prospective investors in clean tech projects;
  • Draft investment memos and work with legal counsel on edits;
  • Compile presentations for fundraising efforts;
  • Develop a business planning and consolidation software for an investment holding client firm;
  • Private equity fund and retail event project for a fund management firm;
  • Reverse mergers.

Work alongside venture capitalists to see how they invest in companies and help them grow,  get experience with a bond trader, maintain an inventory of principled bond positions, and buy and sell bonds with investors. In the past, students have [insert examples here].

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Union College.

“My experience  was certainly a positive one. I especially appreciated the steps that were taken to ensure that we were well set-up in the city from the moment we stepped out of the arrivals area. I was very satisfied with my own internship placement, as I got out of it precisely what I came to Asia to complete an internship for; a cross-cultural work experience that allowed me to utilize my bilingual ability, while also being useful for my future professional endeavors.”

Finance Industry | 8 weeks |


Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.