Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Internships

A truly innovative industry, the world of healthcare is ever-evolving and ever-changing. As healthcare progresses, so does humankind. Consisting of companies and organizations that create solutions to the health needs of the public, the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector provides career opportunities for aiding others.

Currently, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan all rank among the top 10 healthcare systems in the world. China is also known for its enormous healthcare market, which continues to expand rapidly.

Sped up by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital ecosystems are transforming healthcare altogether, especially here in Asia. As a result, understanding and improving the digital tools that allow healthcare to be more accessible and practical is becoming essential within the industry.

Here at NEXSTEP, we will guarantee you placement in an internship that will provide you with unmatched training and learning opportunities in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. We can make the choice of your future career path a well-informed one.

Students from all over the world have used NEXSTEP to get valuable experience. Those pursuing healthcare and pharmaceuticals have worked in areas like:

  • Production, marketing, and distribution for pharmaceutical companies;
  • Marketing and advertising for a healthcare advertising company;
  • Spending time in labs completing research projects and experiments for bio-medical research centers.

Develop and manage treatment plans, learn how to prescribe medication, and shadow medical practitioners as they assess patients. Or get an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding the drug industry while seeing the process of developing, testing, and marketing new medications through the eyes of a pharmaceutical professional.

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“Wonderful internship in a growing healthcare company.”

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Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.