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Hospitality is an industry that’s centered around novelty. Getting to know new people, new places, and new experiences is the cornerstone of a career in this field. In hospitality, the possible career paths are diverse, ranging from accommodations to food and drink service to travel and tourism. As a broad subsect of the service industry, hospitality is ever-growing. In the Asia Pacific region, job recovery in the hospitality industry post-COVID And there’s a growing interest in hospitality assets in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

As expectations change, so does hospitality. Right now, we’re in something called the “Experience Economy,” in which guests prefer to spend their money on unique experiences rather than tangible goods. With that, being able to personalize any event, adventure, or space is what hospitality is all about these days.

At NEXSTEP, we can guarantee you an internship in hospitality so that you can experience the industry for yourself and start mapping out your future career!

Students come to NEXSTEP from all over the world and have gained unparalleled learning during their time with us. Past students in hospitality have found themselves:

  • Meeting and greeting customers upon entrance;
  • Helping customers in accommodations;
  • Directing guests’ luggage to their rooms;
  • Ensuring that the best services are offered to the customers;
  • Visiting rooms to meet customers and asking if any assistance is required;
  • Coordinating with other departments;
  • Offering unique packages and services to clients;
  • Participating in promotional campaigns;
  • Ensuring excellent customer satisfaction.

Shadowing an event planner, arranging a special event or conference that coordinates with a particular brand or image, and ensuring it runs smoothly. Or try your hand at travel management, learning to arrange a travel program and collaborate with other hospitality enterprises to create an entire travel package. In the past, students have [insert examples here].

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Glion Institute of Higher Education.

“Overall great internship and cultural experience. Very good internship company. Hassle-free and smooth process of getting an internship by NEXSTEP team. Colleagues at my internship place were very accommodating and welcoming. Supervisors were very patient and willing to teach. Learned a lot in terms of skill and culture.”

Hospitality Industry | 4 weeks |


Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.