Information Technology Internships

Information technology (IT) is an industry of the future. The computing power behind this webpage was actualized by members of the IT sector, as is true for every webpage, application, or device you encounter and use on a daily basis. With the digital world continually expanding and progressing, there’s a whole world of careers to choose from in the IT industry, from cyber security to software development. Over the last decade, Asia has risen as a global technological leader, responsible for 52% of global growth in tech-company revenues.

The industry is leading the technological changes that other industries must adapt to. Now, the growing digitization of the world is leading to a more comprehensive embrace of cloud technology and service-based IT. Hence, understanding the complexities of new, hybrid approaches to these kinds of computer operations.

NEXSTEP is here to place you in an internship to better your understanding of the current information technology sector. With our help, discover your future in IT.

NEXTSTEP has guaranteed students from around the globe unique learning opportunities. In one of these internships, you can expect tasks like:

  • Working with a brand, aesthetic, and color story to coordinate interface design;
  • Testing new software developments;
  • Learning and practicing new coding languages;
  • Evaluating data to help make business decisions;
  • Analyzing information security;
  • Installing and testing new computer systems;
  • Maintaining area networks.

Learn from data scientists how they find and analyze data to make predictions for competitive businesses. Or help a mobile application developer create apps for mobile devices using code. Our past students have [insert examples here].

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Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.