Legal Internships

Whether you’re interested in criminal law, civil law, or policy, there’s stability and fulfillment in pursuing a career in law. With businesses, organizations, and individuals always requiring legal assistance, as long as laws are being made, the legal field will remain essential and flourishing. Asia, and China, in particular, are rife with international  law firm opportunities.

As the Asia-Pacific region experiences rapid growth both politically and economically, the evolution of the legal market is rapid. In fact, the industry is becoming particularly fluid  in places like China and India. Because of the rate of change in the legal space, lawyers in this region must be quick on their feet, changing practice areas, and moving their offices altogether. The fast-paced nature of the legal field is appealing but also requires flexibility and experience.

NEXSTEP helps you land your legal internship that will give you a comprehensive experience in your course of interest so that you can see what the legal field is like for yourself. Inform your future career through firsthand knowledge!

By working with students from all over the world, NEXSTEP has arranged various legal internships. In the past, students have gotten the chance to:

  • Complete practical, essential legal research;
  • Work alongside lawyers representing clients on a large variety of legal matters;
  • Deal with clients ranging from multinational corporations, large or medium-sized state-owned enterprises to start-up enterprises in a large variety of industries, including but not limited to automobile, energy, pharmacy, real estate, trading, retail, telecommunication, and internet industries;
  • Become familiar with laws and policies that affect a particular region based on the culture, economy, and political history of that area.

Become experienced with coordinating files, doing legal research, and drafting documents with a legal assistant. Or find yourself completing patent applications and going to court to learn about issues like infringement, licensing, and re-examination with a patent-attorney. Past students have [insert examples here].

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Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.