Real Estate Internships

Housing is something that everyone needs, and a home typically means something different to each individual. We all have unique tastes and unique circumstances when it comes to where we want to live. This is where the real estate industry comes in.

More than just real estate agents, this sector is also for developers, property managers, brokers, and more. Coupled with this, there’s tremendous growth opportunity in this sector. Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, Guangzhou, Manila, and Taipei are among the 15 fastest-growing  luxury real estate markets in the world.

As people around the world become more dependent on technology, the digital world is expected to become a valuable tool in real estate. The real estate transaction process, online listing platforms, and even virtual reality walk-throughs and tours are already increasing. Understanding how digitization can aid in the process of buying and selling property, as well as the other trends influencing the sector, can lead to great success within the field.

NEXSTEP is here to help you gain experience in real estate with an internship that will truly show you the ins and outs of this sector.

Here at NEXSTEP, we’ve been able to place students from all over the world in one-of-a-kind real estate internships. They’ve been given responsibilities like:

  • Preparing crucial brokerage documents;
  • Reviewing financial investment property statements;
  • Analyzing the high-end property real estate market;
  • Attending property showings;
  • Helping buyers locate properties that fit their budget and needs.

Assist a real estate broker with tasks like listing properties for sale, preparing homes for showings, assisting buyers with visiting properties, and more. Or work with a real estate investor who flips houses and sells properties by finding potential properties to buy, negotiating with sellers, and arranging for necessary renovations. Past real estate students have [insert examples here].

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Not only are our internship placements completely customizable, but also the experience we provide outside of the workplace.