Sports Internships

One of the pillars of entertainment is sports. Whether professional or recreational, sports and other physical activities play a significant role in culture and commerce. In the sports industry, so much needs to go right behind the scenes in order for everything on the field to go off without a hitch. Different sports organizations employ people in roles like producing, facilitating, promoting, managing, coaching, and organizing sports-related experiences. In Southeast Asia, there are many really exciting advances in the sports industry, with an annual  growth rate of 9.60%, projecting a market volume of US2,823 million by 2025. China, Japan, and Korea are leading sports enterprises in this region.

Affecting most major industries in the world, it’s no surprise that technology has begun to influence sports profoundly. With contemporary  technology, we can now better assess and rehabilitate physical injuries, improve the art of instant replay, participate in fantasy sports leagues from all over, develop stat-tracking and analytics, and more. Hands-on experience with specialized sports tech is a great way to start understanding the modern intricacies of this industry.

Here at NEXSTEP, we can guarantee internship placement in sports that will give you a learning experience that can be applied to your future career.

NEXSTEP has worked with students across the globe, getting them sports internships in the growing Asian sports industry. They got to work on tasks like:

  • Assisting a sporting product team to complete weekly marketing reports, consolidating products’ data, downloading global materials, working with supervisors to manage product information and more;
  • Reviewing contract negotiations between a sports franchise and athletes;
  • Forming representational relationships with teams or individual athletes;
  • Liaising between advertisers and specific sports organizations and teams;
  • Learning about club operations;
  • Helping organize the overview of specific athletic programs.

Work under a sports manager, engaging with PR firms, coordinating team travel plans, scheduling public events, organizing promotional opportunities, and more. Or try out representation through a sports agency: negotiating contracts, overseeing business aspects and financial agreements, and guiding players’ careers.

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