Internship Career Fields

NEXSTEP offers guaranteed remote and in-person Internships in Asia. From Industry-centered projects at SME’s and MNC’s to hands-on experiences at startups internships, we customize a unique internship learning experience in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Bali, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Surabaya, Singapore, Malang, Bangkok) fitting your personality, aspirations, experience and career goals. Whether you are looking to test-out an industry before choosing your major, gain work experience before graduation, or looking to make professional connections; participating in an internship abroad with NEXSTEP will positively transform your life.

Guaranteed Internships Gain Experience in Selected Career Fields

Choose Exciting Destinations for Your Guaranteed Internships Program

Guaranteed Internships Placement Process

  • Our Internship Placement Process starts right after receiving your deposit of US$ 400. You will be assigned a program advisor at destination, who will guide you throughout the entire process. Your advisor will help you identify the most suitable internship opportunity. You will get to interview and speak to companies before deciding which opportunity to choose and finalize your internship.
  • NEXSTEP has assigned interns to over 650 businesses since 2008, so the scale of our relationships and in-depth knowledge of the industry needs is an advantage, when matching an intern with a business project. Our connections and reputation enable us to directly access key decision-makers.
  •  NEXSTEP visit and meet each potential host company in advance to ensure an appropriate and safe working environment; as well as to ensure there is an on-site English-speaking supervisor available to guide and mentor our future interns. Your internship might lead to full-time employment, startup creation, or lead to new business opportunities.
  • We love networking and connecting people to the right opportunity. We meet the business community regularly through events and private working groups that we have developed for the last decade. We are invited to speak at large events (PMAT’s HR day in Thailand with 800 HR’s, Chamber of Commerces etc..) to share our expertise and knowledge in youth talent management.

Past Internship Opportunities

  • Working on financial analysis reports for Citibank in Bangkok.
  • Working on the new business strategy in English for China Unicom, A China-State owned telecommunication operator in Shanghai.
  • Shadowing Doctors and meeting patients at St Michael’s hospital in Shanghai.
  • Analyzing various DNA’s patterns at the Pasteur research Institute in Shanghai.
  • Working on settling copyrights disputes at Stephenson Harwood law firm in Shanghai.
  • Writing features articles for China Daily, the widest English language newspaper in China in Shanghai.
  • Reviewing performances of various production lines at Tyco Electronics engineering in Shanghai.
  • Drawing sketches for the three gorges hydraulic right bank at GHP Architecture, design and planning.
  • Working on the opening of a chain of restaurant with a successful American entrepreneur in Hong Kong.
  • Pitching clients for a new advertising campaign at Fleishman Hillard in Hong Kong.
  • Designing wedding dresses for famous fashion designer Vivian Luk in Hong Kong.
  • Working on retail strategy for Prada, Hong Kong.
  • Working on merchandising/branding for Tori Burch in Hong Kong.
  • Assisting investment managers for GGV Ventures.
  • Working on event management projects for Midas PR in Bangkok.
  • Working for the Entrepreneurs Club in Indonesia.
  • Helping to Manage the surf club in Seminyak in Bali.
  • Sports management at Valencia CF football Club in Spain.
  • Working on deals at ALFA GLobal Capital Management in Hong Kong.
  • Building UI/IX branding for EKO Communications in Bangkok.
  • Working on lab research for listed chemical engineering firm Matex in Singapore.
  • Working on FinTech 'blockchain' industry in Bangkok.
  • Working on finance projects for TMF Global in Singapore.