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High School Internships

The High School Internship Program enables students who have finished their junior or senior year of high school to participate in High School Internships to gain work experience, learn about professional opportunities, and network within career and academic fields.

You can choose your industry and destination in Asia’s most exciting cities, and other countries including Chile, Spain, Kenya, United States, Australia.

Our team provide our High School Internships participants with personal and professional enrichment through unique in-country social network experiences, career advice, one-on-one support as well as opportunities to develop professional skills in various internship industries abroad.

Our program has been built on three main pillars: Career Building, Wellbeing abroad and Personal Growth.

Personal Growth Pillar

Awaken the Future Leader in You 

Our High School Internship program abroad is perfect for High School students looking to decide on their future major and wanting to become future leaders. 

Since 2008, over 1500 participants from 40 countries have participated in our internship programs abroad. You can read their internship programs reviews here and learn about their stories during their internship and following completion of their internship program abroad. During the summer internship period, we usually host between 70 to 100 participants at the same time; giving you an unique opportunity to join a diverse community of like-minded friends right from the start. NSC organizes regular High School Internships networking events as well as social outings. so that everyone can get together and experience the local culture and embrace diversity.

Internship in google Asia

Program Components

‘Beyond Classroom’ Experiences Abroad

Price: US$ 5000 for 30-day immersion programme

Next Step Connections include the following items for all participants:

  • Career Discovery Prep Program (Resume, Interview Skills, Personal Branding)
  • Assignment of mentor during the Program with weekly touch points
  • Debrief session upon completion with certificate and company letter
  • Mini-Internship Project aligned with interests and field of study
  • 30 nights accommodation at destination
  • Weekend Community service Learning
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily transportation as documented in the itinerary
  • Breakfast and Dinners daily
  • Mini-entrepreneurial projects
  • University visits, business visits, and excursions as documented in the itinerary
  • 1 Sim Card for each participant
  • A personalized Orientation Presentation by a Next Step Connections representative that coversimportant cultural and safety topics
  • 24 Hour logistical support by in-country Next Step Connections
  • Travel Information document including pre-departure requirements, visa and passport information,‘What to Bring’ list, airline baggage information, specific customs restrictions and other helpful tips
  • Welcome Pack for all participants
  • Health,Travel and Medical Insurance
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Internship Asia

Internships, Service and Leadership

We provide mini-internship project, service learning and leadership opportunities as part of the program

Sample internship Project:

  •  Develop a Social Media Strategy
  • Create a mini-Event
  • Create an on-boarding process for entry level candidates
  • Research Market and competition
  • Design a new logo
  • Code a feature

To learn more about our High School Internships, please contact us and speak with our profesional advisors.

Paid Internship in Hong Kong 2018

Career Experiences