Business Development Internship Experience in Hong Kong

[h2a]Kristie Cheng[/h2a]

Hello, my name is Kristie and I’m from San Fransisco. I’m currently doing a 2 months summer internship in Hong KOng with a company called HKSTP.

What have you learn during your Hong Kong internship experience?

During my experience over the past 2 months, I’ve learnt about work & hands-on experience. Basically, everything that school cannot teach you in the text book… You have to do it on your own! You have to experience it literally with your hands on!

This has also been a stepping stone in terms of independence. Actually, you realize how living on your own is a challenge and it’s something that helps you grow. In any situation I’ll encounter or in any future job, I’m willing now to go anywhere wheter it’s a different country or within the United States. I actually feel that I can do that now!

Given that Next Step Connections gave me this opportunity, I’d like to thank you very much for setting me up in terms of my job & my living. Also, the people that I meet are really nice and amazing… I’ve really made a lot of friends here in a short period of time so… thank you again.

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