Internship experience Hong Kong in Education Management industry

Duration: 12 weeks
University: Curtin University
At home, I am a: Undergraduate student
Location: Hong Kong
Type of office: Hong Kong branch
Industry sector: Education Management
Key assignments: Promoting and advertising company’s programs to the Europe, US and Australian market. Contacting universities and other companies, creating promotional material as well as maintaining our social media channels.

My name is Angela Tong and I am about to graduate from Curtin University with a double degree in Marketing and Chinese. I have always been interested with marketing as well as how it differs between cultures, which is why I choose to study Chinese as I have always wanted to move to Asia. At the end of 2012, I was lucky enough to win a Next Step Connections scholarship through my university, which offered me the opportunity to intern at a company of my choice in Hong Kong or Shanghai.

What did you do during your internship in Hong Kong?

I arrived in January 2013 and started working with the Next Step Connections, whom organizes internships for students and fresh graduates and gives them the opportunity to live and work in Shanghai or Hong Kong. Although a small office in Hong Kong, I got to know the other staff members well as they helped me navigate my way through understanding the company, as well as moving to a new city and living amongst a new culture.
My work at NSC was mainly focused on marketing, which involved promoting and advertising our internship programs to the Europe, US and Australian market. My daily tasks include contacting universities and other companies, creating promotional material as well as maintaining our social media channels. It was during these two months that I realised two things:

  1. What we learn in university is actually useful – reading the textbooks and sitting in lectures doesn’t seem like such a waste of time anymore, as I found that I was thinking back to my units when I was working on new marketing campaigns for NSC. The skills and experiences from my extra curricular activities during my university years also came in handy!
  2. I really do want to work in marketing in Asia – after being immersed in the marketing environment in Hong Kong made me realise that after I graduate, I definitely wanted continue working in marketing in a big city in Asia. Before the internship, it was always a dream but after the internship, I realised that I could make it happen.

Internship experience Hong Kong in Education Management industry (2)Why did you choose Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has always been a second home to me, despite being born and have lived in Australia my whole life. I have visited this amazing city many times, whether it was with family or going on holidays with my friends – but each time it was only for short periods of time. Hong Kong is the perfect melting pot of East meets West, old local traditions balanced with modern influences. There is always something to do, any day of the week. Whether it is eating the good food, having a drink at a niche bar, going to see the local art galleries or shop till you drop. That is why, without hesitation, I chose to move to Hong Kong.

My advice to students

I am grateful that I decided to apply for this internship before I graduated, because I believe it is necessary for a student to understand on a first hand basis the type of working environment that they graduate in. By choosing an international internship, it gives you the opportunity to work in a global environment, as well as chances to travel and explore the new city you live
Next Step Connections organizes everything for new interns – they cater to the industry you want to work in, what field you prefer and when you want to start. They then will give you a shortlist of potential companies, which is great since they give you the choice of where you work at.
Besides the internship, I would advise for new graduates and students to say yes to all opportunities. Be open to learning new experiences, meeting new people and exploring the world – which was something I stayed true to in Hong Kong. Enjoy what the city has to offer and be ready to fall in love with its culture (and its amazing skyline).

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