Hong Kong Internship Experience in Medical Industry

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  • Internship Duration: 16 weeks
  • UniversityUniversity of Colorado Denver
  • Internship ProgramInternship in Hong Kong
  • Industry sectorMedical
  • Internship / Job tittle: Mental Health Intern
  • Key assignments: Scan files that need to be digitalized. Input data into CRM system. Help create materials for various team members when needed. Assist team members. Interact with the child(ren) when needed or appropriate. Assist in re-branding team (help create new brochure, website). Assist in charity/learning workshops


My name is Mi Pham. I am 21 years old, and was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I’m a psychology major at University of Colorado Denver hoping to later attend medical school in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. I work as a respite care for my little sis at a company called DDRC (Developmental Disabilities Resource Center).

Sometimes the things we fancy in our minds are also the things that drive our soul. Sometimes the things we wish would stay, will fall out of place while the unexpected comes creeping up from behind. But its things like this that motivates us to strive for the things we want most in life. For me? Well…that was to get away from everything and everyone familiar to me. I wanted to enter the unknown, I wanted to rely on no one but myself, and more importantly I wanted to figure out the pieces I’ve been missing in my life…at least just for this time being.

What are you doing in Hong Kong?

In February of 2013 I came to Hong Kong for an internship at a Medical Family Development Center. As an intern it is my job; to assist my teammates in creating materials needed to help children with disabilities improve both on an academic and personal level.

After being here a month, I’ve learned a lot not only about myself but also what it meant to be on my own. And believe me there were times where I’ve cried and wanted so badly to go home because I was homesick. But despite the unsettling feelings I’ve felt, coming here has also been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I allowed myself to feel vulnerable in an unknown city as well exposing myself to new things in which now, I can say are unforgettable. I’ve met some great people and even overcame my fear of big crowds and heights from tall buildings (who would have known).

My Recommendations to students and undergraduates

Looking at this experience, it’s hard to believe on how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. Coming to Hong Kong I’ve learned to discover a new-found confidence that allowed me to fearlessly strive for whatever I set my mind to. So here’s my advice. If you haven’t cried or been scared or even been at point where you just wish you weren’t here. Then I’d tell you, you’re doing it all wrong, because as someone wise once said “The world begins where your comfort zone ends”.

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