Hospitality and Tourism Industry Guide

Are you looking into a career in one of the world’s fastest growing industries? Are you looking for an exciting hotel job abroad?

Hospitality and Tourism are the fastest growing sectors in the world.  In China, these fields have greatly expanded over the last few decades and the country has become one of the world’s most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist markets.  According to the WTO, China is the third most visited country in the world and will become the largest tourist country in 2020. Cordial and generous reception, commercial organization for travelers etc. Do these activities attract you? Are you interested in looking for customers?  Here you can find some details about different job and career in relation with hospitality and tourism in China.

Hospitality involves establishing a cordial relationship with guests, visitors, or strangers and providing them kindness and care. The hospitality industry is growing exponentially and opens up opportunities to earn a very good living with six-figure incomes, almost all-expenses-paid and it offers a more dynamic work environment than most professions.

Hospitality is a rewarding career with more opportunities in hotels and motels. But the industry is not limited to the management of these sectors only. It is extended to the resorts, cruise, spas and sport locations etc…; various other places which are the human recreational place.

Hotel General Manager – to direct everything (operation and financial result of the property; standards for personnel administration and performance, service to patrons, room rates, advertising, publicity and food selection).

Meeting and Convention Planner – plans meetings and special events of various sizes; coordinates such logistics as budgets, speakers, entertainment, transportation, facilities, technology, equipment, logistical requirements, printing, food and beverage etc.

Reservation Ticket Agent – answers phone or e-mail inquiries; offers suggestions and information about travel arrangements, such as schedules, rates and types of accommodation; makes and confirms transportation and hotel reservations.

Skills to work efficiently in Hospitality
• Being able to interact and network with people (communication, presentation and listening).
• Being self motivated and level headed
• Business savvy and organization (controlling budgets and Finance)


tourism industryTourism
Tourism officers develop and promote tourism in order to attract visitors and generate significant economic benefits for a particular region or site. The industry relies heavily on client approval and satisfaction, so one of the key requirements for most jobs is to provide convenient and efficient services that go beyond a customer’s expectations.

This sector is a wide variety of career opportunities which have emerged in the meeting and convention, attractions, event planning, travel, gaming, transportations, airline, recreation and food and beverage fields. So that mean the Tourism sector is a combination of all the industries that work to build revenue based upon leisure travel.

Holiday Resort Representatives – work to make sure that holiday makers have a safe and enjoyable time at their chosen destination, usually overseas (deal with a whole range of duties for their guest; organize events, activities and games).

Tour Managers work on escorted tours, usually on a coach or minibus although some tours may use a range of transport (make sure that everything runs smoothly and provide information and a commentary about places of interest, history, local life and culture)

Travel Agents – sell holidays as well as all the extras such as car hire and transport upgrades (give advice to customers to help them make decisions about the right destination and package or work out and agree a tailor made holiday to include travel arrangements and accommodation for them).

Skills to work efficiently in Tourism
• Being able to handle stress
• Communication and presentation (speaking several languages)                                                                                                                 • Problem solving and organization (professionalism and teamwork)

Average and median monthly salary in China in Food / Hospitality / Tourism / Catering
Maximum: 50,000 CNY
Average: 44,000 CNY
Median: 44,000 CNY
Minimum: 38, 000 CNY

od-hospitality-and-tourismHospitality and Tourism in China
Hospitality and Tourism jobs apply for welcome guests and other visitor and include supervising staffs, preparing tourist information, producing promotional material, writing reports, business plans and press releases. It also requires maintaining statistical and financial records.

The inbound tourism of China underwent a rapid growth. Culture is the soul of travel. China, an ancient oriental giant with a history of over 5000 years bears a special cultural magnetism for worldwide tourists. The best places where to work in China in the Tourism & Hospitality sector are Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou and Guilin; which are the 5 best destinations for overseas tourists.

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