Housing in Singapore: What to expect?


With the high cost of living in Singapore, we look to house you in a conveniently located hostel to keep your program costs down. You should expect a small living space, single or double bedded rooms, but clean and cozy rooms that will provide a good place for you to sleep in and energized for your day of activities around Singapore.

We have various hostel arrangements located around Singapore, with public transport like buses and MRT within 10 mins walking distance, making it convenient for our interns to travel to and from their internships. There are also supermarkets, convenience stores, and cheap eateries located around the hostel, making it affordable and convenient to eat outside.

Living arrangements

Single or double rooms with spring mattress, bedsheets, foam pillow, pillowcase, quilt cover, cupboard with self-lock, air-con, individual study table, attached toilets & shower, and free internet access. There will be weekly housekeeping and change of bedsheets, pillowcases, and quilt cover.

Those with own housing in Singapore

For those who have already secured their own housing, or plan to stay with their family or friends at the destination, we will be able to deduct a portion of your program fee. For more information on housing in Singapore, please contact us.