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The evolution of employment insurance and the ageing of current employees mean many new hires. The prospects offers in insurance are very interesting; in fact the activities are so diversified. Account Manager, Insurance Advisor, Business Consultant. You choose the job that leads you to your professional development. A career in this sector will enable you to get unlimited opportunities for growth both professionally and personally. Many specialized companies such as Aviva, Allianz, Berkshire Hathaway can guarantee you a good experience.

Primary Industry: Insurance

General Insurance Agent
The general insurance agent is a salesperson who chose to be self-employed. Mandated by an only insurance society, he broadcast the products and services of this one to customers. He manages the contracts, learns about and resolves the damages. He receives a percentage by the insurance society.

The underwriter suggests insurance contracts fitted to requirements of each customer. Within all the contracts on the market he chooses the one that suit better to cover risks. Unlike general insurance agent, the broker is independent of any insurance company. He has the status of a retail trader.

Client Service Manager
The client service manager has to find news customers and particularly persuade them to subscribe to insurance contracts. It’s very important to satisfy its customers’ expectations. He shares his time between the clientele and the accounts’ management. He has to develop, manage and win the loyalty of customers to whom.

Commercial Inspector
Head of a client service managers’ network, the commercial inspector has to organize and boost the sales network of an insurance company in a specific area. He provides the recruitment and training. He carries out the monitoring of insurance advisors and general insurance agents too. He oversees the work of sales teams in order to achieve objectives.

Head of the Agency
Head of one or many commercials’ teams, the head of the agency decides the strategies that the commercial inspector and the salespersons must respect. He manages the entire agency (contracts, premises, etc.), guarantees the commercial development and the management of the insurance company.

Primary Industry: Insurance

Marketing Studies Manager
The marketing studies manager collects concerns and analyses qualitative and quantitative data tied to strategic orientation of the company. He studies customers’ expectations and analyses the products offer by the competition. He writes reports highlighting the recommendations and he defines a suitable product as life insurance, auto insurance, etc.

He evaluates the risk to cover from the information gave by the distribution network and by prevention professionals. After that he accepts or not to guarantee the risk according to his company’s policy. He determines the conditions and the price of the guarantee for a group of insurance companies or local community for example.

The actuary has to foresee unpredictable things! He analyzes numerical data and carries out probability theory. As from these data, he establishes the sum of contributions for each contract. He evaluates reserves of money that the insurance company needs to cope with financial commitments towards the insured parties.

Primary Industry: Insurance

Insurance Expert
After an accident, a natural disaster or a fire the insurance expert act at the request of customer. He must evaluate the total of damages and possibly the non-pecuniary damage sustained by the person or company. He has to analyze the feasibility of insurance contracts, realize the setting up of the folders and assess the properties to ensure.

Before to insure a company, building or construction, insurance companies send an inspector-auditor to make an assessment. It’s often necessary to advise safety measures (install a fire door, maintain old equipments, etc.). His main job is to devise and implement technical training for the sale network.

Editor of Contracts
The editor of contracts establishes and manages contracts of an insurance company from their subscription to the settlement of claims. He has to check the guarantees in case of damages and according to contract he decided to allocate compensation to the insured party or to the victims.

Insurance is a very diverse sector; it is possible to move towards others insurance fields! Furthermore, you can often get promoted, get more responsibilities and very important contracts.

In addition to steadily increasing demand, two major supply-side trends have encouraged the development of the industry: the Chinese government lowered entry barriers to foreign insurers, allowing them to establish joint-venture insurance firms in China; and domestic insurers strengthened themselves through IPOs and other market developments. There are more and more international insurance companies which are placed in China; in fact we can find AXA, Bupa, Generali, Hannover Re, Lloyd’s, etc.

This is a growing sector; there are very good career opportunities in Insurance!

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