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This industry is an engine of growth for the global economy. Internet and New Media Industry resist the crisis, it’s one of the few sector to know growth despite the crisis, moreover it’s an “ vital infrastructure” for the global economy according to economic cooperation and development (OCDE) in a rapport of March 2013.

Income, recruitments and investment in Research and development within this sector are constantly progressing.
Companies that work in Internet industry had recruited more than 14 millions people in 2012 let a progression of 6 percent compared to 2011.

In fact Internet users in China are more than 564 millions in 2012:

  • 420 millions of them use daily internet with their smartphones.
  • 309 millions of them are active on participative platform as blog.
  • 242 millions of them buy online
  • 60% percent of companies have increased their digital marketing budget in 2012
  • 36  % percent of companies consider online marketing as primordial marketing tool and not as a “ gadget”.

China is a growth market in Internet and New Media Industry and there are many job opportunities. Therefore don’t hesitate and come to build an international career in Internet and New Media industries in China.

Community Manager
Community Manager is a profession, which consist to lead communities on the web for a company or a brand. The core business of Community Manager is to interact and to share with consumers. For this, the Community Manager use socials networks as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter) and professional social networks as LinkedIn. Furthermore he is an ambassador of Internet users, he collects consumer reactions about the company and these allow for the company to establish a good strategy. The main tasks of the Community Managers are various: he has to arouse conversation and to speak directly with Internet users, create contents (blog, product description), propose competition, or to do choice by Facebook friend the new product that their would like to have on the market.

Qualities: The Community Manager has to know everything about news and social medias. In addition he has to have a sense of communication to attract Internet users. Moreover he has to be creative to find innovative ideas to cause discussion about the brand, the companies on the web. He has a good command of editorial technical, and to has summarisation capabilities to transcribe again the debate on forums or participative platforms.

community manager

Web Developer
Web Developer or Webmaster is responsible for a website or intranet. He has to manage:

  • The design of the website
  •  Its development and update.
  • Its promotion

Besides he has  to do competitor monitoring, manage relation with Graphic Designer, Web Designers and Programmers. Moreover, he analyzes the view number with measure tool of audience, and he develops website audience, to favor the best rank on SEO. His essential tools are: JavaScript, Dreamweaver, HTML, ASP, PHP, Java or Flash.

Qualities: The Web Developer is available and skillful. He must have a good command of editorial technical, knows graphic design. Furthermore he has to be able to manage a team and has good communication skills.

web developer

Online Marketing Manager
He works in the field of advertising and medias. Online Marketing Manager organizes sales campaign for advertiser on the web. He has to give some advices about the choice of supports; he maximizes the spending limit of his customers, campaigns implementation, monitoring of these and at the end he has to do an assessment for his customers.

Qualities: He has to be rigorous and to be organized.  Online Marketing Manager is a person, who has a sense of communication and he has to be available and conscientious.

online marketing manager

Game Web Designer:
The Game Web Designer aims to design the game on the web and check each step of its fabrication, production, development and its practical application. For this, he defines the game design, imagines characters, scenery, plot, rules and difficulties level. These tasks are mandatories to create an attractive and absorbing universe for gamers.

Qualities: The first quality of the Game Web Designer is the creativity. He has to use twice as much imagination to invent a universe and to create original atmosphere for each game. Moreover he has to know very well the game world: he is curious, plays and tests all news games. For the technical part he has know very well computer tools with which he works daily.

web designer

Digital PR
The responsible for Digital PR has to promote corporate image to customers, press, political by way of Internet with blog, forum, or social medias for examples. Furthermore he collects, checks and selects all information related to the company. He can does also opinion poll, develops partnership, sponsoring or marketing campaign. Moreover he has to define and apply digital PR strategy in connection with classical PR so as to develop the visibility of the company on the web.

Qualities: The person of charge for PR digital has to know everything about news and social medias. He has to have also sense of communication to attract Internet users. Moreover he has a good command of editorial technical and he has a deductive reasoning skill.


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