Advanced Experiential Learning Programs from the leading Internship Placement Agency in Asia Since 2008

NEXSTEP (Next Step Connections) is the leading Advanced Experiential Learning Organisation and internship placement agency based in Asia. NEXSTEP provides an internship and other ‘beyond classroom’ experiential learning abroad programs to help students gain personal development, find their professional path and ultimately reach their full potential.

Founded in 2007 in Shanghai, by Jerome Le Carrou and led by a passionate team, who have circled the globe seeking new experiences; NEXSTEP is recognized by global institutions, partner companies, and the international education industry as a true specialist in providing safe and quality experiential learning programs to and within Asia.

Internship Placement Agency Based Across Asia

With offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Korea Indonesia and Bangkok, NEXSTEP is strategically located at the heart of a region set to lead the world as It is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy with be larger than that of the US and EU combined.

The Leading Internship Placement Agency in Asia


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