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Australia – Chile – Spain – United States – Kenya

NEXSTEP Internships Abroad enables you to participate in work experience overseas. You can choose your preferred dates, duration, industry and destination in Asia’s most exciting cities including Chile, Spain, Kenya, London, Dublin, United States, Australia.

We ensure anyone can participate into our NEXSTEP Internship abroad Program according to their own availability, goals, dreams and personal limitations. Although, at NEXSTEP, we encourrage you to push your limitations for Personal Growth.

We offer Future Leader internship programs abroad ranging from 4 to 24 weeks –  all-year round. NEXSTEP Summer Internships Abroad Programs, from May to August, are the most popular as university students and fresh graduates, like to spend their summer vacations traveling the world to participate in our internship abroad.

Develop Professional Skills With Internships Abroad

Our team provide our participants with personal and professional enrichment through unique in-country social network experiences, career advice, one-on-one support as well as opportunities to develop professional skills in various internship industries abroad.

Our program has been built on three main pillars: Career Building, Wellbeing abroad and Personal Growth.

Personal Growth 

NEXSTEP Internship program in Asia is perfect for students and fresh graduates looking to become future leaders. We understand that you want to be your own GPS, and want to carve out your own unique career and life path. If you are hungry to acquire skills such as creativity, time management, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. 

Since 2008, over  2000 participants from 40 countries have participated in our internship programs abroad. You can read their internship programs reviews here and learn about their stories during their internship and following completion of their internship program abroad. During the summer internship period, we usually host between 70 to 100 participants at the same time; giving you an unique opportunity to join a diverse community of like-minded friends right from the start. NEXSTEP organizes regular networking events as well as social outings. so that everyone can get together and experience the local culture and embrace diversity.

Career Building 

40% of global employers said that a lack of skills and experience is the main reason for entry-level vacancies.

Through our internship Program abroad, you will practice intentional experimentation and gain on-the-job training experience. With over 75 million young people unemployed globally by 2015, and a parallel skills shortage of 85 million skills workers by 2020, you should probably join the 60% global youth who have taken the text step to experience on-the-job training and hands-on learning to improve their employability and truly build the career they want.

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Wellbeing Abroad 

We provide hassle-free logistics abroad with human touch to ensure your wellbeing abroad.

From pre-arranging your housing to covering your stay under our health & travel insurance to helping you secure your immigration visa to picking you up at the airport and giving you a warm and personalized orientation of your home away from home to being available for any emergency abroad – we are doing our utmost to ensure your wellbeing abroad.

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