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The legal industry tempts and captivates more and more students because there are many good opportunities in this sector. In fact, the jobs are so diversified with advancement opportunities. Many links exist between the different professions; from lawyer to legal practitioner, court clerk to solicitor, etc. New requirements and new prospects developed for the legal professionals, so you are sure to get a guarantee career in the legal industry.

Law’s Civil Servants
Primary Industry: Legal

The Magistrate investigates the case when a crime or offense is suspected. He deals with the file, manages the investigation and proceeds many types of investigation, such as interviewing suspects. He looks for the truth and all the evidences.

Republic Prosecutor
The Republic Persecutor performs adjudications, analyzes complaints and files transmit by public institutions (police, public utilities, administration…) and private individuals. He rule on and take decisions on sentences and sanctions to be applied.

Deputy Public Prosecutor
The Prosecutor represents the society’s interests and he managed the police department during the investigations. He follows the procedures to court where he takes part to enforce the law and suggest a sentence against the defendants.

Court Clerk
The Court Clerk ensures the authentication of jurisdictional deeds and assists the magistrate at the hearing. He ensures the cases’ preparation and the exchanges’ record during trials. He also has to receive and inform the public.

legal-industry-guideLaw’s Auxiliaries

Primary Industry: Legal

The Auctioneer organizes and guides the auction sale at the request of private individuals or on court decision, when it affects to business liquidations or foreclosures. He sometimes performs as an expert when an inheritance for example to assess the value of an object or a piece of furniture.

The Bailiff holds the monopoly to enforce court decisions and certificates wrote by notaries. If necessary he cans call on police’s services. He performs too as a legal advisor with companies and private individuals, establishes reports and controls the games’ legality.

The Solicitor drafts some types of contracts and performs to ensure the authenticity of legal certificates. He checks the signatories’ identity, ensures the reality of information and prevents the adoption of illegal clauses. The solicitor also has to advise in the certification’s writing.

The Lawyer is the person in charge of represent and guarantee his client’s defense. He assists in the different steps of the procedure where he is attending and has the capacity to plaid before all jurisdictions to enforce its interests. He can also bring legal recommendations and write legal certificates.

legal-industry-guideLaw’s Councilors
Primary Industry: Legal

External Auditor
The external Auditor certifies that a company’s accounts are honest and settled. He has to give a true image of asset, of circumstances and of company’s operating result. He is in charge of financial and accounting’s information quality.

Legal Practitioner
The legal Practitioner has to ensure the legal security of the company; he protects its trade, tax and social’s interests. He checks that the conformity of laws is respected: environmental standards, labor laws, trade regulations, etc.

Secretary of State
The Secretary of State receives at first the clients, provides the traditional secretarial tasks but also a legal watch of legislation and case law. He has to prepare the necessary documents for procedures, organize and carry out the administrative work.

legal-industry-guideMains skills and personality required to work in Legal Industry

  • Ability to absorb large amounts of information and communicate in a way that is understandable
  • Ability to process large amounts of paperwork and materials
  • Analytical abilities to evaluate and research client circumstances with legal information
  • Effective coordination and organization capabilities
  • Excellent persuasion and communication skills, presenting evidence and cases in clear and convincing manner
  • Excellent research skills looking up legal framework for specific cases and purposes
  • Exceptional problem solving and investigative abilities working to identify the situation and find relevant legal material
  • Specialized knowledge of legal statutes, especially in particular field of law
  • Strong writing skills to draft legal documents
  • Work well in a team oriented environment collaborating with other legal professionals

The legal environment in China met some difficulties but for a few years the situation changed, legal regulations are different and real requirements were created. In fact, the growing need for legal services in China caused a demand in a strong expansion for people working in this sector. Moreover, the number of international legal companies placed in China has increased and we work with a lot of them such as McMillan LLP, Simmons & Simmons, Clifford Chance LLP, Allen & Overy, etc. The career opportunities are important; don’t hesitate to throw yourself into the legal industry!


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