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NEXSTEP Returnee Program (Shanghai, China)

Are you a Chinese Returnee that is studying abroad and wants to find a great job in China? We have the perfect customizable program for you.


  • To assist returnees to understand their Career Goals
  • To equip returnees with the skill-sets to reach their career goals
  • To boost employability through mentorship, networking & job opportunities

NEXSTEP Returnee Program Products, duration & price:

  • Sesssion 1: 13th-15th May 2019
  • Size: 20-40 students

Programs range:

  • 3-day program: 2990 RMB per person
  • Accelerated 5-day Project Experience: 3990 RMB per person (industry focused)
  • 3 day + accelerated 5-day: 5990 RMB per person

Optional: 3-6 months internship in Shanghai (prerequisite 3-day project experience): 9990 RMB per person

Highlights and benefits:

  • Career coach from MNCs/PWC/Headhunting firm
  • Exclusive Fireside and Networking session with seasoned professionals across industries
  • Clarity, insights, and developments in your industry
  • Returning home: managing expectations & Chinese business culture
  • Leadership skills development (communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence, ability to listen)

Who is this program for?

  • Chinese undergraduates or graduates of foreign universities returning home
  • Focus on those who had difficulties adapting overseas and/or are coming back for family reasons.
NEXSTEP Returnee Program (Shanghai, China)


TimeDay 1
2:30-3:30 PMOpening, Values & Purpose Buddy
3:45-4:45 PMSession 1: Vision for Success
4:45-5:15 PMBreak
5:15-6:15 PMSession 2: No Fear
6:15-7:15 PMDinner
TimeDay 2
8:30-9:30 AMBreakfast
9:30-12:30 PMWorkshop 1: Returning home – Managing expectations
by PWC Career Coach (Chinese Business Culture)
12:00-1:15 PMLunch
1:30-5:00 PMWorkshop 2: Creating your dream job
5:00-5:30 PMGame: Be 100%
5:30-6:00 PMPreparations for Fireside: Questions & Pitch
6:00-7:15 PMDinner
7:30-9:00 PMSession 3: Special Guests Fireside Chat + Networking
TimeDay 3
8:00-9:00 AMBreakfast
9:00-12:30 PMWorkshop 3: Industry insights + World cafe
(1 professional per table)
12:30-14:00 PMLunch
14:00-15:30 PMSharing & Graduation

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