Next Step Connections speaks to ISG Paris Students

Next Step Connections recently played host to a speaker’s event attended by over 60 students from Paris’ International School of Management who are currently in Shanghai as part of their 6 weeks study abroad stop in China.

NSC’s founder, Jerome Le Carrou, highlighted the benefits of an internship with Next Step Connections through presentations, videos and testimonials shared by previous interns. All three founders were interns at some point in their lives and the experience played vital roles in their current successes with Next Step Connections. In less than a year, NSC has tripled the number of interns coming to China, an impressive feat for a young company.

In addition to the founders of Next Step Connections, Shanghai Liaison officer for the Sovereign Group,  Sunny Liew, was also present to share his thoughts and views on China as the emerging economy giant. Sunny pointed out the importance of China in the modern world and brought up excellent points in regards to where students fit in the China’s rapid growth and expansion, discouraging them from limiting themselves only to Europe and instead focus on China as the leader of Asia’s economy and take part in it. Sunny also recommends taking it one step further by learning the Chinese language.

Living and working in China presents its own set of challenges and rewards that cannot be found anywhere else. Techniques may not be embraced as quickly here, due to the fact that China is deeply rooted in its own culture. The Chinese are, however, generally curious. Hence, the manner to which methods are delivered in China is a valuable skill that needs to be honed through spending a considerable amount of time in the country. For students, there really is no better way to experience this than through an internship.

For foreigners, living in China may seem daunting at first, this is why at Next Step Connections, we make sure our participants are well taken care of in other aspects of their daily lives, allowing them to concentrate on your internship and immersing themselves in the culture, in order to get the most of the experience.

For those who are not yet convinced on the amount of influence China has in the world, Sunny recommends reading up on books about China.

In conclusion and to put it bluntly: If you don’t come to China, you wouldn’t know what the future’s going to be.

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