Next Step Conversations: Future Leaders – Episode 15 – Avni Patel – What Do I Do With My Life?

I am always impressed when I talk to intelligent and insightful kids and Avni Patel was no exception.

I left this episode a bit raw at the beginning because Avni and I had some decent banter to start. Then we got more serious…even though we seemed to laugh a lot throughout. Avni was just that kind of kid…very smart and very engaging at the same time.

After graduating with a degree in International Business, Avni wondered what she was going to do next and when she realized that she could get a masters degree in Air Transport Management, she went for it. She had been interested in aviation and air safety since she was a young girl and this was the perfect way to combine her passion and her profession.

Our conversation was peppered with little nuggets of wisdom, most of which came from Avni!

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