Next Step Conversations: Future Leaders – Episode 17 – Tristine Lam – Why Is That Necessary?

Tristine Lam and I had a killer conversation. She is a student at the University of Texas at Austin studying both Business Administration and Physical Therapy. Her mother and father are both from Vietnam and emigrated to Plano, Texas during the Vietnam War. It turns out that there is a decent sized Vietnamese population in Texas.

Born and raised in Texas, Tristine was interested in seeing the world and learn from the experience of being in a new country and a new environment. She was convinced it would be more engaging and captivating that simply staying in the suburbs of the United States.

Her first foray overseas was a study abroad program at Thammasat University in Bangkok. She loved the experience so much that she missed it when she returned to Austin for her next semester. She came back as soon as she could to do an internship at Medical Departures via Next Step Connections.

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