Next Step Conversations: Future Leaders – Episode 16 – Sinemjoy (Joy) Arslancain – We Are So Connected Now

It was a pleasure talking to Sinemjoy Arslancain from Western Sydney University. Sinemjoy comes from a multicultural and multilingual family. In particular, Sinemjoy’s mother is from Turkey and arrived in Australia speaking little to no English, yet picked it up quickly and seamlessly. Sinemjoy was impressed.

Traveling was always an interest for Sinemjoy and we joked a bit about how she ‘only’ got to go to Turkey…I was envious as it has always been a place I wanted to go and yet, I have not been there yet.

As her time at university was ending, Sinemjoy decided to attend a Study Tour with Next Step Connections. One of her friends had done one in Hong Kong and loved it and Sinemjoy was motivated to participate herself. She was interested in exploring opportunities outside of Australia and this was the perfect way to test it out.

The study tour was an opportunity to do a consulting project for the business incubator at Western Sydney University…a classic example of experiential learning. It was also the first time Sinemjoy was traveling without her family…Overall, the experience was liberating and a great way to end her degree.

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