NSC/Bright scholarship recipient won the SCBFL challenge

SCBFL challenge

Dodi Iswandi Mauliawan, together with fellows at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, just won the SCBFL challenge (Siam Commercial Bank Future Leader) which was held in Thailand, 12-16th of July. In this competition, there were 80 teams from 31 business schools coming from all over the world. He is humbled to receive His Majesty The King’s Award, along with other titles: (1) 24-hours case winner; (2) 99-seconds pitch winner; and of course (3) final round winner.

“We barely spent more than 3 hours of sleep in each day during the event, and conduct an intensive 2 months of preparation. Sure we stand proudly with the award, but what matters most in my heart is the sacrifice and commitment that my teammates have provided, also the support from many persons, especially our FM and advisors in Prasetiya Mulya Business School,” said Dodi.

Dodi is currently interning at SocialC (socialc.network), a prominent tech startup based in Bangkok, Thailand, which provides a platform for talents to collaborate on project-based and purpose-driven opportunities; gearing for ‘the future of work!’

NSC scholarship recipient won the SCB Future Leader award

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