Personal Growth

We provide an online inspirational empowerment program, experiential events to get you out of your comfort zone as well as the opportunity to live in a global student community enabling you to see the world from a different perspective. We will empower you to break your current imitations to grow during our program.

Experiential Events Participation To Enable Your Personal Growth

Personal Growth with Next Step Connections a purpose-driven community

A key aspect of our internship program in Asia is the monthly experiential event that we organize. As part of our internship program, all our participants are invited to participate in this event free of charge. A typical experiential event enables you to go beyond your comfort zone and limitations to experience something new such as:

  • Developing a sustainable project for a local community
  • Organic Rice Farming
  • Learning to cook local Cuisine
  • Learning Local Language
  • Elephant Trekking
  • Temple visits
  • Learning Meditation etc..
  • Teaching local communities

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Online Empowerment Program (Create Your Dream Job)

Access to ‘Create Your Dream Job’,  a proprietaty online empowerment program developed by Next Step Connections, with 10+ videos where you will learn to ‘get to know yourself fully’, ‘go beyond your limitations’ and ‘bound with the professional world’

Live in a Global Student Community

Next Step Connections is a diverse, purpose-driven community, where people learn from – and with – each other.

The community is diverse as it includes various educational and professional backgrounds, personal experiences, ethnicity, gender, nationality, goals, culture, sexual orientation united by a shared purpose.

American, Canadian, British, French, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Australian, Brazilian, Mexican, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Nigerian, Russian, Indian, Korean and more.

All had in mind to step out of their comfort zone and take on their next step by traveling abroad to experience something new, something different. Through their participation in our program, they have build lifelong bonds and have unlocked their lives for the best; opening up infinite opportunities for them to realize their dreams.

Experience the entire program on video!

Michelle Chan, a graduate from Pepperdine University, and a 2010 program alumni, accepted to be filmed during her Shanghai Internship in Journalism & Media industry