Internship in Kyoto, Japan

Type In-Person Internship
Duration 6 to 12 weeks
Next Date July 27, 2024
Starts from $5250

Destination: Japan

Japan, a nation of contrasts, seamlessly weaves together tradition and modernity. Its capital, Tokyo, stands as a bustling metropolis where futuristic skyscrapers coexist with ancient shrines. The country’s iconic landmarks, from the historic temples of Kyoto to the majestic Mount Fuji, reflect its rich cultural heritage. Japan is a global leader in technology and innovation, […]

Kyoto – Where time seems to slow down and the essence of Japan’s rich heritage is alive.

Envision an enriching internship experience in Kyoto. Amid tranquil temples, serene gardens, and the timeless beauty of traditional tea ceremonies, you’ll embrace the art of “slow life.” As a university student, you’ll have the unique chance to immerse yourself in a culture that cherishes its centuries-old traditions, offering a profound contrast to modern life. Exploring the cultural tapestry of Kyoto while honing your skills in your chosen field makes for an internship journey that transcends time, connecting you with the soul of Japan’s past and present.


Age : 18 years old+
Education : Enrolled at University
Language : English
Minimum Experience : Future of Work Foundation Program
Visa requirements : Visa free under 90 days

Our in-person internships are designed to develop students’ Core Competencies

  • Time management
  • Technology Fluency
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Decision-making
  • Active listening
  • Creative thinking
  • Being detail-oriented

Yuri Takahashi

Resident Coordinator Japan

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Career Tracks

Tuition & Inclusions

  • Guaranteed Internship Placement
  • CV/Resume Consultation
  • Private Housing (util incl.)
  • Pre-Arrival Planning & Support
  • Future of Work Foundation Program
  • 24/7 In-country Emergency Assistance
  • CISI Travel/Health Insurance
  • Pick-up from the Airport
  • On-site Orientation Activity
  • Preloaded Transportation Card
  • SIM Card
  • First Day of Work Introduction
  • Monthly Cultural Activity
  • Online Professional Speaker Series (Monthly)
  • Online Career Networking Event (Quarterly)
  • Career Readiness Report
  • Completion Certificate from Next Step Connections

Set Dates

8 weeks Jan 8, 2024 - Mar 1, 2024 $5550
8 weeks May 31, 2024 - Jul 27, 2024 $5550
8 weeks Jun 28, 2024 - Aug 24, 2024 $5550

Custom Date

6 weeks $5250
8 weeks $5800
12 weeks $7100

What makes this program unique?

Personalized Internship Experience

Tailoring your internship journey to match your academic needs and career aspirations. Our placement process is highly personalized, ensuring a tailored fit between your skills and goals, and the host company. While being open to explore wide-scope opportunities, we value your preferences to ensure a successful and fulfilling match.

Impactful activities

We offer curated activities that have the power to transform, inspire, and encourage questioning. These activities are an integral part of our program's value, contributing significantly to your personal growth and professional development journey.

Meticulous logistics

Our meticulous logistical arrangements guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus entirely on making the most of your internship and cultural immersion.

Holistic growth experience

Support & Wellbeing" is paramount to us, and we prioritize your care while fostering your growth. Striking a balance between encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and offering a solid foundation, we ensure you have the guidance and support needed to thrive during your transformative journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you can’t find an answer to your question in our
Frequently Asked Questions.

Next Step Connections collaborates with a diverse range of industries in Japan, including technology, finance, hospitality, art etc. We aim to provide interns with opportunities that align with their career goals and interests, ensuring a meaningful and industry-relevant experience.

Cultural integration is a key focus. We organize cultural activities such as traditional tea ceremonies, language classes, and visits to historical sites. These activities are designed to enhance interns' understanding of Japanese culture and foster a deeper connection with the local community.

Absolutely. The internship experience in Japan is tailored to each individual's career aspirations. During the application process, we take into account your career goals, academic background, and industry preferences to ensure that the internship is a personalized and relevant experience.

Language exposure is integrated through language classes to enhance cultural immersion. While Japanese language skills are beneficial, the program is designed for English speakers. Additionally, our team provides support to help interns navigate language challenges and effectively communicate in a professional setting.

Next Step Connections places a strong emphasis on networking and mentorship. Interns in Japan have the chance to attend industry-specific networking events, engage with professionals in their field, and participate in mentorship programs designed to provide guidance and insights for their future careers.

How Does It Work?

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What is your Next Step?

The Kalpavriksha or Banyan tree is a mythical tree that said to fulfill all wishes, we at Next Step Connections believe every wish holds the potential for existence.