Internship in Seoul, South Korea

Type In-Person Internship
Duration 6 to 12 weeks
Next Date July 27, 2024
Starts from $5300

Destination: South Korea

Seoul – a city that pulses with virant energy and the heart of modern entertainment!

Visualize an exhilarating internship adventure in Seoul. As a university student, you’ll step into a dynamic world where K-pop’s catchy beats, bustling markets, and futuristic technology converge. Immerse yourself in the heart of the global entertainment industry, where the glitz of music, film, and fashion creates an electrifying backdrop for your professional growth. Beyond the neon lights, you’ll find the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, making a Seoul internship a captivating experience that bridges the gap between cultural fascination and career aspirations.


Age : 18 years old+
Education : Enrolled at University
Language : English
Minimum Experience : Future of Work Foundation Program
Visa requirements :

Our in-person internships are designed to develop students’ Core Competencies

  • Time management
  • Technology Fluency
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Decision-making
  • Active listening
  • Creative thinking
  • Being detail-oriented

Hallie Bradley

Resident Director South Korea

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Career Tracks

Tuition & Inclusions

  • Guaranteed Internship Placement
  • CV/Resume Consultation
  • Private Housing (util incl.)
  • Pre-Arrival Planning & Support
  • Future of Work Foundation Program
  • 24/7 In-country Emergency Assistance
  • CISI Travel/Health Insurance
  • Pick-up from the Airport
  • On-site Orientation Activity
  • Preloaded Transportation Card
  • SIM Card
  • First Day of Work Introduction
  • Monthly Cultural Activity
  • Online Professional Speaker Series (Monthly)
  • Online Career Networking Event (Quarterly)
  • Career Readiness Report
  • Completion Certificate from Next Step Connections

Set Dates

8 weeks Jan 5, 2024 - Mar 2, 2024 $5950
8 weeks May 31, 2024 - Jul 27, 2024 $5950
8 weeks Jun 28, 2024 - Aug 24, 2024 $5950

Custom Date

6 weeks $5300
8 weeks $6250
12 weeks $7500

What makes this program unique?

Industry-Relevant Internship Placements

Next Step Connections ensures that interns in South Korea are placed in industry-relevant positions. The organization collaborates with a diverse range of companies, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience in sectors such as technology, finance, manufacturing, and more. This targeted approach aligns the internship experience with each individual's career aspirations.

Cross-Cultural Professional Development

Interns in South Korea benefit from a unique cross-cultural professional development experience. Next Step Connections facilitates opportunities for cultural exchange, helping participants navigate the nuances of the Korean business environment. This exposure contributes to a well-rounded skill set that is increasingly valuable in today's globalized workforce

Language Exposure and Learning Opportunities

In addition to the professional experience, interns have the chance to immerse themselves in the Korean language. Language exposure is integrated into the program through language classes, fostering improved communication and a deeper understanding of the local culture. This linguistic aspect enhances the overall internship experience.

Strategic Networking and Mentorship

Next Step Connections places a strong emphasis on networking and mentorship opportunities in South Korea. Interns have access to professionals in their respective industries, providing valuable insights and potential career connections. This strategic approach supports interns in building a professional network that extends beyond the duration of the internship.

Proactive Cultural Integration Activities

Cultural integration is a key focus of the internship program in South Korea. Next Step Connections organizes proactive cultural integration activities, such as local excursions, workshops, and events. These activities are designed to enhance cultural understanding, foster relationships among interns, and create a supportive community during their time in South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you can’t find an answer to your question in our
Frequently Asked Questions.

Next Step Connections takes a personalized approach to internship placements in South Korea. During the application process, we work closely with participants to understand their career goals, academic background, and industry preferences. This ensures that each internship is tailored to the individual's aspirations.

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire internship experience. This includes pre-departure guidance, an informative orientation upon arrival in South Korea, local support from our team, and regular check-ins to address any questions or challenges that may arise during the internship

Cultural integration is a priority. We organize proactive activities, such as local excursions, cultural workshops, and events, to enhance interns' understanding of Korean culture. Additionally, language exposure is integrated through language classes, providing a well-rounded cultural immersion experience.

Interns in South Korea have the opportunity to be placed in a variety of industries, including technology, Entertainment, and more. We collaborate with a diverse range of reputable companies to ensure that each intern gains industry-relevant experience aligned with their career goals.

Networking and mentorship are integral components of our program. Interns have access to professionals in their respective industries through networking events, mentorship programs, and industry talks. These opportunities are strategically designed to help interns build a professional network and gain insights into their chosen field.

How Does It Work?

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What is your Next Step?

The Kalpavriksha or Banyan tree is a mythical tree that said to fulfill all wishes, we at Next Step Connections believe every wish holds the potential for existence.