Hiring with a difference

Identify, attract, engage and assess prospective candidates by hosting university students through year-round remote and in-person internships.

You will be able to connect with a more diverse network of candidates who have the mindset to succeed through NEXSTEP.

Over 700 employers have successfully hosted interns through NEXSTEP since 2008.


Hosting Interns

How it works

Human is not a resource but a possibility

Assess project, challenge or task needs

Fill in NEXSTEP form

Touchpoint with NEXSTEP

Receive & Review Student profile

Schedule & complete interview

Confirm Internship details

A Commitment to Youth Empowerment

Human is not a resource but a possibility

Your Commitment

Onboard student & schedule regular touchpoints to monitor progress

Provide an evaluation, recommendation and skills assessment 


Provides an effective way for companies to test candidates before making a hiring decision while providing support to existing teams and helping students develop skills.

Low risk, flexible & valuable for any company or organisation.

Over 700 Asian-based companies have worked with NEXSTEP since 2008

“Building a talent network through internships is effective to create social capital.”

Read more about why developing Social Capital is critical for business success by founder Jerome Le Carrou.