Shanghai Internship Experience in Accounting & Business Advisory Industry

[h2a]Silvendiana Lee[/h2a]

  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • UniversityCurtin University
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Industry sectorFinance & Accounting
  • Key assignments: Work with the audit teams to examine the accuracy of clients’ personal and organizational financial records. Meet clients and engage in audit fieldwork’s.

Hi everyone! My name is Silvendiana Lee from Jakarta, Indonesia. I graduated from Curtin University majoring in Accounting and Finance and then I continued with one-year study in Fudan University, Shanghai. I applied for my internship through Next Step Connections in Finance and Auditing to experience my field of study.

What are you doing in Shanghai?

I am currently placed as an external auditor intern in one of a leading Singaporean accounting and business advisory group. It’s been two months since I started working in the company and I have learnt many valuable experiences since then. Most of my work would include working together with the audit teams to examine the accuracy of other companies’ personal and organizational financial records. Currently, I am also assigned to help the company to prepare an opening ceremony for its Shanghai new office branch.

In this company, I met many colleagues from China, Hong Kong and Singapore who are doing their secondment in Shanghai. It’s been a fun learning experience working here and I have many supportive and wonderful coworkers who are willing to answer any questions that I have. Every intern is also given equal opportunity to meet clients and engage in audit fieldwork’s.


Why did you choose Shanghai?

Upon graduation, I went back to my home country and during that time, I felt the need to return back to Shanghai and work here. So I decided to apply for an internship before further deciding my career path. Besides, I decided to return to Shanghai because of its unlimited learning opportunities to gain valuable business and entrepreneurial skills.

About Shanghai in General and Advice to Future Interns

Internship is an opportunity to find out and understand students’ fields of study. So students should decide which area of interests that best suited their preferences and pursue it. And through Next Step Connections, interns have the privilege to choose the field and destination they want to work in.

Other than the internship itself, there are many fun activities to do in Shanghai, from traveling to nearby cities, trying out new foods to joining volunteering activities. We can also engage in activities such as choir group, yoga and dancing classes. You can meet countless people and countless great opportunities in Shanghai. This city never sleeps! You just have to put yourself out there, let yourself experience something new, be excited and make your best with limitless opportunities that are waiting for you!

Overall, I love my life in Shanghai. Shanghai is a very fast-paced city compared to Jakarta and I experienced a little bit of culture shock when I first came here. However I am very fortunate to have many great friends, coworkers and not to mention NSC, which make my stay in Shanghai fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Suzhou Garden-Silvendiana Lee

Silvendiana in Suzhou with other NSC interns

About Next Step Connections

I am very glad that I Next Step Connections helped me to find my internship here. All staffs are really helpful from the moment I started applying in the program through the Internet to the moment until I arrived in Shanghai. Even until now, throughout the internship period, NSC continuously arranges events, which allow interns to meet and share their experiences. All of the caring and professional staffs are indeed make my life in Shanghai more meaningful!

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