Internship Experience Shanghai, China in Accounting

[h2a]Anne-Catherine Weber[/h2a]

  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • UniversityTemple University
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Type of office: Shanghai office
  • Industry sectorFinance & Accounting 
  • Key assignments: Reporting to headquarter in France. Project work: Investments, Tax, Consolidation, revaluations. B/S and P/L Statements with different currencies. Set up and Coordinate Fixed Assets Inventory Project.

Ni Hao Anne! It has been 4 months that you’re here in Shanghai, how do you feel?

I’m feeling very good here, and you know why? Because everything is new. Shanghai is a “new growing city”, a “hot boiling city”! You know I come from Europe, France particularly. Here the landscapes and views are entirely different. The aspect I really like is the fact that everything around me is moving, all the time, non-stop! It is very pleasant and exciting for me because I can’t bear static things… Moreover, I appreciate the business ethics of the People’s Republic of China and the culture associated with it.

You are a French native. Is it the first time that you come to China? If yes, how do you cope with the cultural difference?

Actually this is my first time to come here, although I have been traveling to some Asian Countries before. I think the key is to understand the cultural difference to be able to manage it then. There is a “cultural shock”. Ok, I can feel it. But why? You know, if Shanghai was like most European cities like Paris, Berlin or London. I would simply not be attracted. I just remember to understand the things at first, analyze them before acting and accept the changes. Exactly like in my internship in accountancy.

Based on  your resume, you seem to have a strong experience in accountancy.. Can you tell us about your past experiences, how you improved and your future objectives?

Of course! About my past experiences… Well, I have mainly worked on big and long projects in accountancy and finance. I had those projects in various companies in Europe, with various positions. I thought that an internship in Shanghai would help me get new perspectives. And it was true, what’s better than Shanghai? I decided to open my knowledge on global business vision in accountancy. Here I work in a huge, international group and I’m working on a new project. I refuse the language to be a barrier for improvement! So I work hard during my Chinese lessons and I am very happy with the results so far! Today, I can put up some sentences, which are essential in my daily-life. Anyway, how can I understand a different business without even mastering the basics of the culture? It is a “baby evolution” you know, whatever your age, you have to start from the beginning…

Finally, concerning my future projects, I would really like to be involved more in international finance. It would complete all my long career dreams of “blending cultural and business experiences”. So my aim is to be “division manager” at a continental or country level.

You are fluent in French, English and German and currently studying Chinese, you seem to be an expert in major foreign languages. Do you plan to continue working in those countries?

Of course! You know, I can also manage the Asian division of another country. It would be great, wouldn’t it? To work in Germany for instance, with daily-relations and projects with Asia? Practicing and enjoying different cultures and languages..

In accountancy, you have had a lot of various positions like: coordinator (British Telecom in Paris), manager (Ev3 Europe in Paris), analyst. What is your actual internship role at Accor Group here in Shanghai? Can you tell us about your company, your mission, your integration and relations with your boss and colleagues?

Wherever I go, the most important for me has always been the team. The “team spirit”! Regarding my mission: I currently work on a financial project. I have to adapt to demand so I also have to be a trader when I work in finance. I pay a lot of attention to the relationship with my boss and colleagues. Overall it goes pretty well. Team cooperation is the most important in a company, so I do not have any other choices but to mix with people. Regarding Accor Group, you can easily guess how pleasant it is to work here, look at the furniture all around and the peaceful working atmosphere.

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