Internship experience Shanghai, China in Management Consulting industry

Duration: 4 weeks
University: Johns Hopkins University
At home, I am a: MBA student
Location: Shanghai, China
Type of office: Shanghai Subsidiary
Industry sector: Management Consulting
Key assignments:

  • Determined attractiveness of a new product developed based on market research; compiled questionnaires and interviewed industry administrators
  • Developed the go-to-market strategy and business model for a high-end clinic in Chinese market; practiced pricing analysis and value positioning assessment of key competitors

My name is Leo, a current student in Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. I am doing my MBA and have another year to go. I was born in China and grew up here.

What do you do in Shanghai?

I am working in a consulting firm focusing on market research. My intern title is Project Manager Assistant. I am helping my employees to improve the questionnaires used to collect information from the clients and assess the degree of satisfaction they feel. This job is very interesting because I can learn the correct way to ask questions in order to get the insights from customers. In addition, the internship enables me to learn a great deal about different industries. Since my career goal upon graduation is to work in the Marketing Department of a fortune 500 company, this internship is very important, so that I can be better prepared; and it is also beneficial to my resume.

Why did you choose Shanghai?

Shanghai is the most international city in mainland China. The head offices of most global firms operating in China are located in Shanghai. My qualifications and knowledge gained in America will be more valued in an international firm- so I chose Shanghai. In addition, I probably will go back to China in the long run and Shanghai will probably be my first choice to work in. I want to build a network in the southern city as preparation for my future.

What is your advice to future students, graduates or interns?

I started finding my internship in Shanghai quite late. As a result, I did not have much time to have study more alternatives. I would recommend students who want to find a job/intern to start looking earlier. Plus, the housing in Shanghai is very expensive. You need to take a lot of time to find a convenient and affordable place to live. But don’t stay in your apartment! Life in Shanghai is really fun. For example, I attended two Alumni Mixers in one week. I met many current students and alumni members of prestigious universities all over the world. Networking is always the best way to find good career opportunities and make new friends.

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