Internship experience Shanghai, China in entertainment & film industry

Internship experience Shanghai

Duration: 10 weeks
University: Oklahoma City University
At home, I am a: undergraduate student
Location: Shanghai, China
Type of office: headquarter
Industry sector: Motion Pictures and Film
Key assignments: set for documentaries, edit corporate videos, commercials and teasers/trailers

Hi, my name is Mariah Nonnemacher and I’m from Oklahoma in United States.

What did you do during your internship in Shanghai?
While in Shanghai, I worked for a film company called LPfilms based in Shanghai during the day. Next Step Connections found an internship placement that was geared specifically towards my studies and interest. I was able to help on set for documentaries, make copy for movies and television series, and edit corporate videos, commercials and teasers/trailers. Making film has been a long standing obsession of mine and I was finally able to work hands on with a business that valued my creative input and admissible skills. After proving my skills and knowledge in my industry I was slowly given more responsibility and was even able to sit in on meetings with clients, contact networks, and even sell series and film pitches to future clients. While on the weekends and at night, I explored the bright lights of Shanghai and allowed myself to absorb and surround myself in the language, culture, scenery and the delicious food. In addition to the amazing sights, culture, and food I made life long friends and acquired some great memories and experiences along side them.

I wanted to find an adventure in completely new and unfamiliar territory

Why did you choose Shanghai?
I chose Shanghai because my minor is in Chinese. However, I could have taken Chinese classes anywhere; I chose Shanghai because I was looking to experience something I had never experienced before and to reach out beyond my comfort level, and find an adventure in a completely new and unfamiliar territory. I was tired of sitting at a desk in Oklahoma City learning all I needed to know about China from a book. I was ready to experience not just Shanghai, but to live it, breathe it in, explore it, and munch my way through all of its exquisite and sometimes odd cuisine.

Any advice to future participants?
This is a special country and you gain some memories that stay with you forever.

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