Fashion Marketing Internship Experience in Shanghai

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First of all, let me introduce myself. Ni hao ! My name is Cristina and I’m a 23 years old Belgian student doing my china internship in a crazy city called Shanghai. I would like to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences and life… So let’s go!

My internship in China

I’m doing my internship in a fashion footwear company and I met many interns there. The best thing about doing internships abroad is that you can meet many people from all over the world. I don’t regret it all ! It’s a life experience.

Shanghai living costs

Rents are high like in every big city but if you share a flat with a friend it’s affordable. But the rest is cheap, cheaper than in Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries. Food, hairdresser, massage… for all those things you pay almost nothing so you can do a lot of things.

Made in China

Shopping lovers should go to Shanghai because you can find everything. The Fake markets are quite popular. My lovely adorable Turkish friend goes there every week end. There are some good fake items and you can not even see the difference between the real and the fake ones. So if you want to buy a Gucci bag for your girlfriend, you know where to go. The biggest one is next to the Science Technology Museum. I haven’t been there yet but I’m looking forward to going there. Nanjing Road is the fashion street of Shanghai and is centrally located. Hundred of stores can be found.

Places to visit in Shanghai

In Shanghai, there’s nothing you can’t do and these streets will make you feel brand new. The Bund feels like New York and at night, it’s very beautiful to see the lighted buildings. Yu Yuan Garden. I’ve been there 3 times and I love it. It’s so charming and beautiful I want to live inside the garden.

Food in Shanghai

Please, don’t be afraid to try Chinese food. It’s delicious ! I have to try all kind of food but my favorite dishes, until now, are:

  • Dumplings: They are so yummmyyy. I like the fried one it’s sooo good. I eat the normal dumplings for breakfast and it’s very cheap.
  • Ice creeaaaaaam! Asian people love ice cream and so do I. They have so many flavors and my favorite one is green tea.
  • Bubble tea: Originated from Taiwan… it’s so good and cheap. You can drink it cold or hot. Even the rice and noodles are different from those in Belgium. It’s just more Chinese. And rice balls ! It’s a dessert and it’s really delicious (I think I used this word like 3 times but it really is).

As I said, the food is cheap but be careful you can easily gain weight! Don’t worry, for those who don’t like Asian food, there are a lot of foreign restaurants ; Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Turkish, American, Mexican.. SO MUCH FOOD in this city :D.

Nightlife – work hard, play harder

If you like to party, then come to Shanghai. Clubs like Hollywood, Zeal, Mint, M2, Bar Rouge…. are popular. And even during the week they have ladies nights, which means that the entry for girls is free and sometimes you can eat and drink for free.

My opinion & feelings

Chinese men aren’t short. I was so surprised to see how tall thy are! You don’t believe me ? Come on, Yao Ming is the tallest NBA player and he is CHINESE.

Chinese people are really helpful. And also, it’s funny to see how they stare at me because I am a foreigner.

This experience to learn about Chinese culture may helps you to be more open minded which is important. And to be more independent.

It has been a month since I’m in Shanghai and I’ve noticed that, in this international, cosmopolitan city, anyone can find his happiness. I don’t feel I am in a different country or different continent. I adapted myself very quickly and I was surprised because I come from a little lost city in a little country called Belgium. I feel very comfortable here and thanks to NSC, I met a few cool, kind and awesome people (Rüken are you happy? I’m talking about you haha)

Finally, if I had to sum up my intern life in Shanghai in 3 words it would be: food, work and party.

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