Internship experience Shanghai, China in Journalism & Media industry

Duration: 12 weeks
University: National University of Singapore (NUS)
At home, I am a: Undergraduate student
Location: Shanghai, China
Type of office: Shanghai branch
Industry sector: Media Production
Key assignments: Coordinate with marketing team to facilitate marketing functions ( i.e. brochures, trade shows, events etc). Attend media events, openings, and networking activities. Create and modify marketing materials using Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint. Support staff in developing procedures for market research and analysis.

Hi all! I am Brenda and I’m in my final year in National University of Singapore. I will be graduating with a Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Management and Organisation. I was keen to go for an overseas summer internship and decided to look for one through my school. I came across Next Step Connections which allowed me to choose between Hong Kong and Shanghai to intern in an industry, and gave me scope to choose my preferred choice of job.

What did you do during your internship in Shanghai?

And so I’m here in Shanghai, working in a media company located in the midst of East Nanjing, a popular tourist attraction as well as a shopping district. My life here in Shanghai has been awesome since I arrived in May, besides the events planned by Next Step Connections, I was also busy travelling to nearby places such as Wuxi, Hangzhou and Nanjing on my weekends.

Why did you choose Shanghai?

Shanghai is very much like any other city, but it is good for city dwellers like me who are used to the buzz and fast-paced lifestyle. One will never be bored because there is an endless list of entertainment, restaurants, pubs and clubs for you to explore during your stay here. Personally, I have been to more karaoke places on this internship than I’ve ever been in the previous 22 years of my life! As a foodie, I have also been actively trying new food places all over Shanghai whilst enjoying the company of some of my Singaporean friends who are here on internships as well, and definitely with my newfound friends from Next Step too!

What can you expect in Shanghai?

The nightlife here is amazing too. You can be picky and still get your share of fun. Pub-crawls are common among expats and interns like me, and there are some areas with a concentration of great chill-out places for after-work drinks.
So far, living in China has been an unforgettable experience. Although I’m away from my comfort zone, there is little cultural difference and I’ve adapted to this place really quickly. China is a popular country for graduating students like me who want to work overseas in the future or for a different work-life experience from their home country. It is an interesting place full of rising talents ready to bring success to the country, so look forward to an eye-opening internship waiting for you!
I am already considering moving here after I graduate to get a taste of expat life and be involved in this up and coming globalized country. What are you still waiting for?

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