Internship experience Shanghai, China in Marketing & Advertising industry

Duration: 12 weeks
University: INSEEC (Institut des hautes études économiques et commerciales)
At home, I am a: Undergraduate student
Location: Shanghai, China
Type of office: Headquarter
Industry sector: Marketing & Advertising
Key assignments: Creation media, design, social media, blog, SEO and also other projects like goodies for the company

My name is Pauline Géhan but I prefer people call me Poppy. I’m 22 years old and I’m French. I’m studying in a business school at Bordeaux for my first year in a master degree. My specialization is Entrepreneurship, I would like to create my own company if one day I have the opportunity. I’m a simple person, who enjoy life as much as possible. When I work in a company, or in other project, what I prefer is working for the improvement of the company or the project, in each field.

What are you doing in Shanghai?

In Shanghai, I work for a Marketing agency. In this internship, I’m a part of the marketing team but I’m polyvalent so I work on a lot of things about creation media, design, social media, blog, SEO website and also on other projects like goodies for the company.

Why did you choose Shanghai?

I choose Shanghai for one big reason: It’s the one of the largest big cities in China and for me it means there are a lot of opportunities. Also, when I think about the future, it is good for me to have an experience in Shanghai, for my next internship or my first work.
I always dreamed to go to Asia, to visit the country, discover the culture. I didn’t want to stay in Europe and I am a tenacious person and if I decided to go to Asia, I will do everything to reach my target.

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My Recommendations to students

You won’t have any regrets to choose Shanghai, or another city in China. It’s an amazing town. There are too many things to see, to do nothing to Shanghai. A few months won’t be enough to see everything, but you have to come to China. This is like a new world, a lot of things are different here, and you will come out changed by this experience.

What do you think about Shanghai in General

Shanghai have a growing economic position in the world. But this city have so many beautiful place to visit, the architecture of China is very beautiful. The nightlife, the restaurant, the temple, the financial area and also the old town … the thing I prefer in Shanghai: we can change the environment very fast. You can be surrounded by the buildings and one street after, you can be in old city. It feels like a step back in time.


Shanghai has a population of 23 million people (To put that in perspective, New York City only has 8.3 million). From my opinion, these people are super-duper fun to watch. For example, a common (and I mean very common) sight is adults walking around in their pyjamas: full flannels, goofy print pants, slippers. You can also see the national lobby in China: dancing in the park, every morning, every evening. But it’s difficult to fallow them!

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