Shanghai Marketing Internship Experience in Commercial Real Estate Industry

[h2a]Inés Fernández[/h2a]

My name is Inés Fernández from Madrid and I’m working in a business center in commercial real-estate industry here in Shanghai.

What is it exactly that you do in your host company?

I work in marketing and I basically send emails, phone calls, paperwork. I don’t know… more than i expected though.

Why did you decide to come to Shanghai?

Shanghai / China is an emerging market and it keeps changing! Different lifestyle, different culture… very different from Europe.

Is your China internship program a good experience?

It is a very good experience for me and it’s been enriching! I’m learning, so I like it.

Where do you intern in Shanghai?

I’m working in Jing’an district, west Nanjing road in one of the oldest colonial house in the center of Shanghai. It’s surrounded by a 3,000 sqm garden and you can see behind some huge Shanghai sky-crappers.

Are you happy with your working experience in China?

Very, very happy! I’m very happy with my boss. I work in English which is very easy for me. I can do everything because I can understand, they can teach me and I learn. So I’m very happy.

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