David Garcia shared his medical experience in 2008

David Garcia

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • UniversityUniversidad Pública de Navarra
  • Internship ProgramShanghai Internship
  • Industry sectorMedical
  • Internship / Job tittle: Assist morning reports. In-patients & Out-patients rounds with the doctors in different specialties like orthopedic & dermatology…


Hello, I’m David Garcia from Madrid in Spain and I came to Shanghai with Next Step Connections to do a medical internship in China.

Why did you decide to come to China to do a medical internship?

One year ago, I started to learn Chinese and I thought it will be very useful to come to China, learn the language and at the same time having an experience in my field that is medicine. I realized it’s not that easy to find a “spot” in hospital, here in Shanghai… At the end, I came to Shanghai for 2 months and it’s been a great, great experience.

What are you doing in your medical internship?

Everyday, I come around 8:00 in the morning to assist morning reports. As it’s in Chinese, I don’t really understand everything… Then, I have the in-patients rounds with the doctors. As they speak good English, it’s very useful. At 10.00, I go to the out-patients clinic and spend there few hours following the doctors in different specialties like orthopedic, dermatology… In the afternoon, it depends on the day with in-patient or out-patient. I’ve been in the operation room a coupe of times but I’m just not a fan…

What I’ve learn?

This has been a lifetime experience. Of course, I’ve learn a lot about specific diseases like fevers, cold, strain ankles… But I think more importantly, I’ve learn a lot about communication and this is key in medicine!!!

Here, I’ve been working in the foreign department and you see patients from all over the world: People that are living here, people who are travelling… When you are in a non-familiar environment and if you’re sick, you want the doctor to be really clear and use the right words. So, it’s always really challenging!

I had an important task that has been to clarify a lot of things to the patients because sometimes the cultural barrier between Chinese doctors and the patients (even when they both speak English) is huge! So, it’s been a good challenge for me.

The best thing for me has been the cultural experience. In here, I’ve been with doctors from all around the world but also Chinese doctors with really different backgrounds. It helped me to get a lot of new point of view in many aspects of medicine. And about Chinese medicine and Chinese doctors, I have to say that working in Huashan is not like working in any other Chinese hospital… Huashan is one of the best well known hospital in this part of the city. So, the foreign department really achieve all the western standards. I’ve been also in the local part of the hospital. Everything is crowded, more dirty but it can teach you a lot and I would have love to spend more time there but my Chinese is not good enough to make the time profitable there… Anyway, I think it’s really interesting to see how they mix the Chinese and western medicine.

Few words about your internship agency, Next Step Connections?

Next Step Connections… They have provided me more then expected. As I said, finding a China internship is not that easy and it’s even more complicated that the internship fits you… They have been really professional. They take you to the city, help you explore the surroundings of Shanghai… They try to make your life as nice as possible and really act like friends. So, I’m really glad to have chosen them… And if I had to come again, I wouldn’t hesitate to come with Next Step Connections.

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