China Internship Experience in Real Estate

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Hi there, my name is Moritz from Germany, I am 25 years old and would like to share my 12 weeks internship experience in Shanghai with you.

What do you do in Shanghai?

I am currently enrolled in a Real Estate Masters Degree in Germany, graduating in early 2014. As I wanted to experience the Shanghai Real Estate market for at least one quarter, so I decided to apply for a Real Estate internship with NSC. They finally provided me with an internship from March until early June at one of the world’s leading real estate services companies.

In my company, I work with the research & analysis department, focusing on both retail and office development and investment markets in Shanghai and Mainland China.

During my spare time I travel a lot within the city and around China to experience the multinational environment of Shanghai, Beijing or other cities right next to Shanghai such as Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Why did you choose China to do an internship abroad?


China has already become the world’s second largest economy and will become the largest economy by 2020, with Shanghai as it’s economic and transportation hub. The Shanghai Real Estate market is the perfect example for this fast development. As far as I can tell after my first 5 weeks of internship, it is very competitive and more dynamic than the European Real Estate markets. However, there is still a lot of development opportunity stuck in the pipeline, since the professional Real Estate development and investment industry is still very young here, so Shanghai will definitely enlarge it’s economic power in the near future. This is applicable to other branches as well, so that offers great opportunities for expats!

Apart from that, I always been fascinated by the measureless Chinese culture. Particularly Shanghai is a melting pot of all the different cultures China has to offer. Living in a city with 23.8 mn residents cannot be safer than in Shanghai. Whether it is during the rush our on a Monday morning at People’s Square Metro or a late night bar visit – I have never felt safer in a metropolis before.

Shanghai is probably one of the most international cities of Mainland China. Being open minded towards all kind of cultures is therefore the best advice one can give. Particularly with NSC, you will get to know many interesting people with their individual backgrounds from all over the world. This will definitely widen your scope! Whether you like learning a foreign language, spending your nights in Shanghai’s Bars & Clubs, traveling around the cities historical and modern sights or enjoy the Chinese cuisine with all its different provincial tastes – Shanghai is the place to be! Furthermore, Shanghai serves as one of Asia’s leading transportation hubs, so flights and high-speed train tickets are always worth checking out; they are quite affordable, too.

Bottom line: Coming to Shanghai will be very beneficial for both your professional and personal development as an individual, since you will gain numerous experiences only a few cities have to offer within a condensed time frame.

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