China Internship Experience in Sales & Marketing

[h2a]Louis Grayson[/h2a]

  • Internship Duration: 8 weeks
  • UniversityLynn University
  • Internship ProgramChina Internship
  • Internship sector: Marketing
  • Internship / Job tittle: Sales & Marketing Intern
  • Key assignments: Market products to other companies like Procter & Gamble, Nike & Unilever. Do research and development on products and other companies.

First of all, I would like to start off by saying “I <3 NSC!” ^_^

So far in China, I have loved every minute of it. Every second is a learning experience from interacting with Chinese people to crossing the roads (Trust me even crossing the roads are very eventful). The biggest thing here to try and adapt to is the culture and how the people are. They can be seen as rude to Westerners but it is normal in their culture.

My recent travels in China have been around Shanghai and Beijing. The two cities are different and you get a whole different kind of feel. Beijing was more of an old cultural city. I would recommend going to the Great Wall (of course) and trying the Beijing duck! Unfortunately I did not try the amazing duck I’ve been hearing about all week due to stomach problems. But make sure you get the chance to try the scorpion or any other creatures they have for sale crawling around. Beijing was more spread out and it seemed more relaxed than Shanghai.

Of course Shanghai is the business city and its fast pace and high end style is what all the fun is. The view from The Bund in Shanghai is unbeatable and lifestyle seems to be more fun for foreigners. I have experienced both Beijing and Shanghai nightlife and I can tell you; there is nowhere like Shanghai. Of course Beijing was a lot of fun but Shanghai just has that feel to it that I can’t describe.

The internship that NSC has helped provided for me is at a company in Outsourcing / Offshoring industry. I am dealing with marketing. So far the experience has been exciting and knowledgeable. I am doing something totally new so it is a great learning experience. So far I am marketing products to other companies like Procter & Gamble, Nike, and Unilever. I do the research and development on the products given to me and other companies. If you’re only in Shanghai for 2 months doing an internship like me, do not let any opportunity pass you by especially if you have a chance for a job or a good reference for the future from your internship.

NSC has provided me with a great place to live! I have a great room mate. The living style here is livable! The food is very cheap! I had a meal the other day for 10RMB – that’s just over a dollar! As long as you’re not a picky eater and are willing to be open minded about the food then you will be fine. You can also find a nice Western restaurant all around and if it’s that much of an emergency there is always a McDonalds around the corner. The McDonalds tastes exactly the same as in the states and is a little cheaper then the states.

You may also find that traveling on the Metro/Subway is quite interesting. You will be going to work during rush hours! Depending on where you are interning be prepared to squeeze and push into the train. You will be side by side with Chinese people without your own space at this time. Be careful and keep your belongings close to you at all times. This may not sound as fun but in my opinion this is a great experience since I do not have this type of experience at home. Using the Metro/Subway is very easy.

I have learned a lot so far being here in Shanghai. From living in Shanghai to the work I do at my internship. I am figuring myself out, what type of person I am and what’s next for me in the future. I know that I should learn Mandarin or have at least the basics as most business is dealt here in China. I have met a lot of great people in Shanghai so far! Networking and getting to know people and staying in contact with them for the future will do you good. Meeting everyone and conversing about each others experience really helps you get an idea of what you may want to do in the future. For me I know I WILL be back to Shanghai either for business or pleasure! I <3 Shanghai!!

Advice I would give for other foreign interns who are planning to come to Shanghai or China in general is to be very open-minded!!! Be prepared for a different culture. If you are not familiar with household skills start getting familiar with them as you will be more independent here. Also you may want to practice your squatting technique! Haha! It is not as common anymore but there are still the hole in the ground in some restaurants and other places. Be prepared! If you choose to come to Shanghai I guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you make.

Last but not least I want to thank the NSC staff! They are all great people! They know how to have fun! They are all friendly and helpful. I want to thank them for showing me a great time in Shanghai and for giving me this great opportunity to be here in Shanghai!!!

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